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Recruitment Information

What are the dates of 2021 Recruitment?

April 25th: Registration Opens

July 11th: Registration Fee Increases

August 4th: Registration Closes

April 25th-August 6th: PNM Round 1 Video Submission Window

August 9th- 15th: LaunchPoint Potential New Member Virtual Orientation Window

August 17th: PNM Orientation (In-person) 5-7pm at the O’Connell Center, doors open at 4pm 

August 16th-18th: Round 1: Watch all 18 Chapter Videos via Launchpoint

August 18th: PNM Round 1 Preferencing 

August 19th-20th: Round 2 (In-person)

August 21st: Round 3 (In-person)

August 22nd: Preferentials (In-person)

August 23rd: Break for First Day of Classes

August 24th: Bid Day (In-person)


Click here for the full recruitment schedule with times!

What should I expect for Orientation?

The in-person Orientation will take place at the O’Connell Center from 5-7pm, doors will open at 4pm. This is a casual event with only PNMs and Pi Chi’s so there is no dress code, please do not bring a bag to expedite the security process, anything you need will be provided. This will be a great time to learn more about the recruitment process and we will be able to answer your questions before the process begins!

What happens to my registration fee if I choose to withdraw my registration application or withdraw from the Recruitment process?
As stated on the Recruitment registration form, the Recruitment registration fee is non-refundable. The registration fee is not transferable to any future semesters, as each Recruitment process is its own entity.

When is early move-in for Potential New Members?

Early move-in for PNMs living in On-Campus housing will take place August 17th. Once a PNM has registered for Recruitment, their name will be added to a list and sent to the UF Housing Department to update their move-in date. These lists are sent periodically, so please allow time for the Housing Department to receive a PNM’s information and update their move-in date before it is visible on their account.

Where can I find information about individual semester dues and finances?
Specific chapter operations including meal plans, finances, etc. are determined individually by each chapter and their national organization. The Financial Information tab on our website provides a range of typical semester dues. During Round 2 of Recruitment, you will be provided with the financial information of each of the chapters that you visit and will have the opportunity to ask chapter women specific questions about finances, meal plans, etc.


What advice does the Panhellenic Council have for PNMs participating in Recruitment this year?
The greatest piece of advice our council has to offer PNMs this year is to be yourself! Our community is built upon authentic friendship and the development of character through sisterhood, both of which rely on honesty and bravery on the part of PNMs and chapter women in being vulnerable during Recruitment. This past year has created unique challenges in each of our lives, and we believe that the ways in which we deal with challenges reveal our true character. Despite great distances and emotional hardships, our community has remained strong in sisterhood and has continued to uphold the ideals upon which we were founded: to be a place of love, comfort, and support for women on college campuses. Our community cannot wait to meet the authentic you this Fall and walk with you during your time at the University of Florida. Come to Recruitment with an open heart, trust yourself, and know that no matter where your time at UF takes you, you will always have an ally in our community.


What are recommendations and do I need them?
Recommendations are letters or statements from a sorority alumna recommending a Potential New Member for sorority membership. Sometimes it can be difficult for chapters to secure recommendations for all PNMs so it can be helpful for them to receive recommendations; however, recommendations are not required to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment. Additionally, there is no advantage to having more than one recommendation for a chapter. Please note: a PNM should not contact chapters about recommendations – it is only appropriate for an alumna to contact her chapter. 


If I have a recommendation, where should I send it? 
Recommendation letters should be emailed to the email address of the individual chapter. Email addresses may be found on our website under the Recommendations tab. There is no specific due date; however, letters need to be received via email by the time Recruitment begins. The recommendation page can be found here


What should I wear during Recruitment?
The attire for Recruitment gets more formal as the Rounds progress. The Panhellenic Council has a Pinterest page with suggestions for what to wear during each Round. Ultimately, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and most like yourself! 
If I participate in Recruitment, am I obligated to join a chapter?
No, you are not obligated to join a chapter. Many women choose to go through Recruitment to meet people and make new friends. Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit our chapters, get a glimpse of Greek life, and assess whether or not you would like to be a part of the UF Greek community. 
May I participate in UF Recruitment as a student at Santa Fe College?
To participate in UF Recruitment, you must be a primary, degree-seeking University of Florida student enrolled in at least 1 credit hour.
Can PaCE, Innovation Academy, and/or online students participate in Panhellenic Recruitment?
You must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour and be classified as a degree-seeking student at the University of Florida to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment. Each chapter may have its own requirements for how many credits a woman must be enrolled in to be an active member of its organization and this may be acquired directly from the chapter women during Recruitment. Please note that chapters may  have events and policies which require that members be present in Gainesville in order to be considered an active member. 
What if I only want to be in a certain chapter?
Potential New Members often experience the greatest disappointment by beginning the Recruitment process only wanting to be in a specific chapter. Sorority membership is more than wearing Greek letters. It is giving your time and energy to the chapter, agreeing to abide by all its rules and regulations and living up to high expectations. Don’t make a decision based on stereotypes and others’ opinions. Keep an open mind, focus on your values and make the decision that is right for you.

I have heard that chapters have different reputations. How do I handle this information?
The only opinion of a chapter that should matter is yours. Each chapter is different from campus to campus and from year to year. If you allow someone else’s perceptions to influence you, then you may not feel satisfied with your choices during Recruitment. Remember that each chapter is made up of many different women with different talents and qualities. If you hear derogatory remarks about any chapter, please disregard those comments as inappropriate rumors that are against the Panhellenic spirit. It is very important to keep an open mind about each chapter throughout the process and not to dismiss a certain chapter based on rumors or stereotypes.

I am going through Recruitment as an upperclassman and have heard that this will put me at a disadvantage, is this true?
UF Panhellenic has implemented a selection process that gives sophomores, juniors and seniors a fair opportunity at Recruitment. The selection process is called Upperclassmen Quota. With this, you go through Recruitment as usual, but when you preference your chapters after each round you do not compete with freshmen because there are two separate pools (upperclassmen and freshmen). This system makes the process much fairer, and you do not have to worry about being at a disadvantage because of your classification. An Upperclassmen Recruitment Info Session will take place late in the Spring Semester to help provide additional information. 


I am a legacy to a sorority - what should I know?
Each Potential New Member is considered on an individual basis; a legacy is no more obligated to join a particular chapter than the chapter is obligated to offer a bid to her. The PNM and the chapter should be looking for compatibility, not necessarily a family connection to the group. Panhellenic has no policies regarding legacies because each chapter has its own policy, and Panhellenic has no input in individual chapter membership decisions. More specific questions regarding legacies should be directed by alumna to the individual chapters.
How do the chapters decide who to invite back for each round?
As your Recruitment schedule is reduced from round to round, so is the number of women each chapter is allowed to invite back. Every Potential New Member has something to offer a chapter, but chapters are required to release some PNMs. In deciding which PNMs to invite back and which to release, each chapter has a democratic voting process. In other words, one or a few women cannot guarantee that a PNM will receive an invitation to the next round. Additionally, chapters are not required to offer a bid to their legacies. Most importantly, a chapter woman should never imply or promise a PNM that she will be returning to that chapter for any subsequent round(s).

What is a PNM?
PNM stands for Potential New Member. This is any woman looking to join a Panhellenic chapter.
Signing the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement​
The preferential bidding system is a method in which Potential New Members’ preferences are matched to sororities’ preference lists. Following your last Preferential Round event, you will meet with a Panhellenic representative to sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). You must maintain complete silence between each Preferential Round event from the time you leave your last house until you sign your MRABA. You may ask a Recruitment Executive Officer for assistance. However, remember the silent period is important to ensure that your decision is yours and yours alone.
On your MRABA you will be asked to list, in order of preference, the sorority/sororities you wish to join, and you will sign your MRABA with the understanding that you are willing to accept a bid from the group(s) listed. If a bid is extended to you from one of your choices and you decide not to accept it, you will not be eligible to participate in Continuous Open Bidding and/or Recruitment until 2022 Formal Recruitment.

Remember that the decision you indicate on your MRABA is binding for one year. If you attend more than one Preferential Round event, a Panhellenic representative will encourage you to list more than one sorority on your MRABA because this maximizes your opportunity to receive a bid. However, the final choice  to decide which chapter to list is up to you. Once you have signed and turned in your MRABA, it cannot be changed. You should also not reveal to anyone what choices you made because there is no guarantee of which group you will match to. If there is ever any problem with your MRABA, only a Panhellenic representative will contact you about it.​

Does the Panhellenic Council have a Spring Recruitment process?
Yes, the University of Florida does have a Spring Recruitment process which typically begins toward the end of January each year. This process is informal, meaning there is no registration or fee required to participate. Please note that typically only about half of our chapters participate in Spring Recruitment each year.

Questions Concerning Recruitment

If you have any questions regarding the Recruitment process, please refer to the Recruitment FAQ or contact Olivia T., our Membership Vice President, at Stay connected with UF Panhellenic on the website, Facebook, and Instagram for more details.

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