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Eligibility FAQ

What is a PNM?
PNM stands for Potential New Member. This is any woman looking to join a Panhellenic chapter.

If I participate in Recruitment, am I obligated to join a chapter?
No, you are not obligated to join a chapter. Many women choose to go through Recruitment to meet people and make new friends. Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit our chapters, get a glimpse of Greek life, and assess whether or not you would like to be a part of the UF Greek community.

Can I participate in UF Recruitment if I am a member of the Gator Spirit Team (cheerleader or Dazzler) or a student-athlete?

Yes! You can get more information about going through recruitment with your specific schedule by emailing the Assistant Computer Pi Chi at

What if I have an academic orientation or other conflict during a day of recruitment (Fall Semester Only)?

Please email the Assistant Computer Pi Chi at to work around your conflict.

Can PaCE, Innovation Academy, and/or online students participate in Panhellenic Recruitment?
You must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour and be classified as a degree-seeking student at the University of Florida to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment. Innovation Academy and PaCE students will be able to seek membership in a social fraternity or sorority as long as they meet the above requirements.  This includes pre-enrollment fall semester for IA students.

May I participate in UF Recruitment as a student at Santa Fe College?

To participate in UF Recruitment, you must be a primary, degree-seeking University of Florida student enrolled in at least 1 credit hour.

I am going through Recruitment as an upperclassman and have heard that this will put me at a disadvantage, is this true?
UF Panhellenic has implemented a selection process that gives sophomores, juniors and seniors a fair opportunity at Recruitment. The selection process is called Upperclassmen Quota. With this, you go through Recruitment as usual, but when you preference your chapters after each round you do not compete with freshmen because there are two separate pools (upperclassmen and freshmen). This system makes the process much fairer, and you do not have to worry about being at a disadvantage because of your classification. An Upperclassmen Recruitment Info Session will take place late in the Spring Semester to help provide additional information. 

I am a legacy to a sorority - what should I know?
Each Potential New Member is considered on an individual basis; a legacy is no more obligated to join a particular chapter than the chapter is obligated to offer a bid to her. Panhellenic has no policies regarding legacies because each chapter has its own policy, and Panhellenic has no input in individual chapter membership decisions. More specific questions regarding legacies should be directed by alumna to the individual chapters.

Does the Panhellenic Council have a Spring Recruitment process?

Yes, the University of Florida does have a Spring Recruitment process which typically begins toward the end of January each year. This process is informal, meaning there is no registration or fee required to participate. 

What if I have a question that isn't listed here?
If you have any additional questions regarding the Recruitment process, please contact Brooke M., our Membership Vice President, at Stay connected with UF Panhellenic on the website and Instagram for more details.

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