Alexa Young


Email: president@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Monday, 9:30AM-11:30AM

The President is responsible for the overall operation of the Panhellenic Council and represents the Panhellenic Council at all official University of Florida functions. The President presides over all Panhellenic Executive Board meetings and reviews and approves all programming request forms. She reviews, approves, and signs all contracts involving the Panhellenic Council. She is the main liaison between the council and the Sorority and Fraternity Affairs section of the Student Activities & Involvement Office and also oversees the Panhellenic chapter presidents.

Sam Rosen

Executive Vice President

Email: evp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Wednesday, 9:30AM-11:30AM

The Executive Vice President represents the Panhellenic Council in the absence of the President. The Executive Vice President chairs all Judicial Committees in relation to the Greek Judicial Board, and directly oversees Panhellenic’s Judicial Board. In collaboration with the President, she revises the Constitution and Bylaws each fall semester and schedules the philanthropy calendar each semester in adherence to the ARB Constitution. She educates Recruitment Counselors, chapter members, and potential new members about judicial policies/procedures and the Recruitment Compact, and she also serves as the mediator of all fines and violations committed by members or chapters of the Panhellenic community. 

Hannah Raymond

Membership Vice President

Email: mvp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Thursday, 10AM-12PM

The Membership Vice President coordinates Panhellenic Recruitment, chairs the Recruitment Executive Board, and facilitates communication with individual Chapter Recruitment Chairs. She serves as a liaison between University officials as they pertain to the safe and organized functioning of Recruitment processes. She leads the Recruitment Executive Board in selecting and educating Panhellenic Counselors in preparation for Recruitment. She also suggests and oversees annual changes to the Recruitment Compact while guiding the Assistant Membership Vice President.

Mary Grace Paris

Communications Vice President

Email: cvp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Wednesday, 11:30AM-1:30PM

The Communications Vice President schedules the Panhellenic Council and joint Panhellenic/Interfraternity Council meetings, prepares and preserves an accurate account of all Panhellenic meetings, and provides all appropriate advisors and individuals with the meeting minutes. The Communications Vice President is the official liaison to the NPC Area Advisor and keeps her informed about the University of Florida Panhellenic Council. She handles all Southeastern Panhellenic Conference memberships, registrations, and conference attendance matters. She also oversees the Panhellenic Delegates and is responsible for the proper functioning of the Public Relations and Web Design divisions.

Emma Kiefer

Finance Vice President

Email: fvp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Wednesday, 10AM-12PM

The Finance Vice President prepares the semester budget and, following its approval by the Panhellenic Council, oversees each individual divisions’ spending. She reviews all payments, pays all bills, collects all dues, gives receipts when necessary, and signs all checks. The Finance Vice President ensures that the monies of the Panhellenic Council are used towards approved and worthwhile endeavors.

Martha McCullough

Activities Vice President

Email: avp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Monday, 12PM-2PM

The Activities Vice President is in charge of all programming for the Panhellenic Council. Alongside her assistant, she runs Director’s Board, Junior Panhellenic, and various events throughout the academic school year. These events range from fundraisers and service projects to cross-council collaborations and special events such as Around the Row.

Olivia Thalassinos

Assistant Membership Vice President

Email: amvp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30AM- 1:30PM

The Assistant Membership Vice President assists the Membership Vice President in matters related to Panhellenic Recruitment. She creates the video for Recruitment Orientation and organizes Preview session shifts for the Recruitment Executive Board throughout the summer term. She also suggests and oversees annual changes to the Recruitment Compact with the guidance of the Membership Vice President. 

Ellie Orr

Assistant Activities Vice President

Email: aavp@ufpanhellenic.org

Office Hours: Tuesday, 9:30AM-11:30AM

The Assistant Activities Vice President assists the Activities Vice President in all of the various programming conducted throughout the academic year. She helps create calendars, schedule meetings, and run Director’s Board. Alongside the Activities Vice President, she oversees Director’s Board as well as Junior Panhellenic and assists in coordinating events such as Around the Row.

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