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What does it mean to be a Panhellenic woman?

A Panhellenic woman has many facets. She is involved in an array of community activities, and she is one of the most visible and active leaders on campus. She dedicates countless hours to various philanthropy events while still excelling in the classroom and forging new friendships. 

While this is what all Panhellenic women have in common, what sets them a part from each other is their extreme sense of self. When each woman joins a chapter, she is celebrated for her originality and has the chance to grow these qualities in an organization run by women, for women. 

Each chapter benefits its members in specific and unique ways.

"When I came to college I had so many ideas of what sorority life is like. I thought I would be a clone of one in a thousand that has to be just like everyone else or that girls only cared about how they looked and what they wore. What I found out about sorority life is the absolute opposite. Coming from a family where no one was a Panhellenic Woman I was nervous about joining a sorority, and now I am so grateful I took the chance. I have been very involved with my chapter as member of the executive board and in the Panhellenic Council as a Pi Chi. Both of these involvements have shaped my entire experience at UF for the better, teaching me valuable skills of leadership, organization, and professionalism. Who would have thought the girl who wasn't sure about joining a sorority would be running it? My preconceived idea that my sorority sisters would force me into their mold was so wrong; instead, these girls, my best friends, have pushed me to follow my heart and given me the confidence to take risks. They embrace my weird self that forces them to watch cute goat videos, geeks out about sustainable living, dances like a total goofball, and raps Childish Gambino. These woman also hold me when I'm feeling devastated and worthless so that I can get back on my feet again. They're there to pick me up from my lows and vibe with my at my highs. I am proud to be a Panhellenic Woman because the women of these organizations have been the greatest aid to the successes I've made at UF."

Audrey M.

"I was raised in the same town my entire life, went to the same school for 15 years, and graduated with a class of 21 students. As you could image, going off to college in another state, with 54,854 undergraduate students, not knowing anyone was a shock to my friends and family. They couldn’t imagine how I would be able to move and  adapt to such a drastic lifestyle change. However, I wasn’t worried or afraid because I wanted to challenge myself, experience something different, meet people of different cultures and backgrounds, and have the ability to hopefully encourage younger students at my school to also be brave. Going into college I had always known that I wanted to join a sorority, but I could have never imagined the positive and influential impact and difference that the girls in my chapter would make in my life. Through joining my chapter, I have not only been filled with so much love and happiness through being apart of such an uplifting and supportive environment, but I have seen the way that it has allowed me to better understand myself and who I am as a person. The girls in this chapter have become some of my best friends and have the biggest hearts that you could ever imagine. They are genuine and kind, only wanting the best for others. I have not only been stunned through how much love can be given within a group of over 200 girls, but I have also seen the way that each and every girl within our chapter encourages each other in their passions and careers. To say the least, I could not be more thankful or feel more grateful for each and every girl in this chapter, and the way that they have enlightened my life. I have enjoyed every moment of this experience, and couldn’t imagine more radiating or welcoming faces to walk into the house and have brighten my days."

Katarina K.

"Being in a sorority at UF has given me a home away from home and allowed me to meet so many amazing new people. I am so thankful for all the wonderful sisters and experiences my chapter has given me. I love participating in philanthropies and seeing the positive impact that the Panhellenic community has on our campus. I never even realized how much the Greek community touched the Gainesville community itself. Working with the different Philanthropies offered by different chapters provides a sense of belonging and is one of the most awarding experiences. My time at UF wouldn’t be the same without my chapter and I am so excited for my next three years here."​

Molly V.