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IA & PACE Students

Official Statement

In order to join or be an active member in a social fraternity or sorority, a person must be an enrolled, degree seeking University of Florida student.  Social fraternities and sororities have chapters at the University of Florida, but are national organizations with many different eligibility policies of their own.  Examples of these eligibility requirements may include a minimum grade point average and/or a minimum number of enrolled credit hours in order to join or remain active in that particular organization.  Knowing the eligibility requirements for each fraternity or sorority is the responsibility of the student seeking membership.


Additionally, to reside in an approved social fraternity or sorority chapter facility (or house), one must be an enrolled, degree-seeking University of Florida student who is an active member of the respective chapter.   


Innovation Academy and PaCE students will be able to seek membership in a social fraternity or sorority as long as they meet the above requirements.  This includes pre-enrollment fall semester for IA students.


While involvement in some social fraternities or sororities is year-round, most chapters are predominantly active during the fall and spring semesters and some have little to no activity during the summer semesters.  Accordingly, some chapters may require active membership specifically during the fall and spring semesters.


We encourage our students to inquire about a chapter's membership requirements and its policies on remaining an active member.  UF defines enrolled as registered for at least one credit hour for the semester in question.

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