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A Letter to Φur Sister

Dear Carley,

From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate everything you’ve done for this chapter. Your efforts to better this chapter never go unseen and we want to make sure you know that. Thank you for spending each and every day working for Kappa Eta. We know that not a minute goes by that Alpha Phi isn’t on your mind. From spending every single day of your spring break planning our monumental groundbreaking ceremony, to having to be there for other chapter women until a minute before your exam.

We knew that you would be the leader we needed when we watched you last year as the Vice President of Membership and Recruitment. You planned an extremely successful recruitment out of a Fraternity facility, which we know is not an easy task. You spent many sleepless nights ensuring that everything went smoothly. You fell down the stairs and got right back up to keep recruiting out of your love for this chapter. As our President, you have gone above and beyond to implement new policies and traditions that have boosted our chapter morale that was lost during the Pandemic. Being the President of a newly established chapter is not always easy, but you have led with grace, love, and dedication, and for that we are forever grateful.

Thank you for making Alpha Phi our home. You do administrative work that no one else wants to do, but more than that, you give love to each member of our chapter. You eat, sleep, and breathe Alpha Phi and we wouldn’t be where we are without you doing so. You are paving the way for future leaders to succeed. You are a genuine friend to all, and it’s easy to say that you are the heart of Kappa Eta. We love you always!

Sincerely and AOE,

With Love,

Your Alpha Phi Chapter


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