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A Love Letter to Junior Spring

Running home to Delta Delta Delta my freshman year, it seemed as if I had all the time in the world. I can recall my friends and I sitting in our dining room in the house talking about how cool it would be to be the older girls and to do the things they were doing. Now, it seems the majority of our conversations are the opposite; wishing we could go back and do everything again for the first time. In both scenarios, we were and still are overlooking the beauty of where we are right now. Junior spring is one that teaches you to slow down and appreciate the things around you that are fleeting in front of your eyes.

Things that were seemingly so small have become my new favorite weekly traditions. It’s the time between dinners on Monday nights and Chapter spent sitting on the rocking chairs on the porch with my friends, catching up on the things happening this upcoming week. It’s the lunches at the house that were supposed to be quick and suddenly you’ve been there for the entirety of lunch with all your friends and no one is left in the room. It’s the nights playing sardines and hide n seek throughout the house and laughing till you cry when the last person is finally found.

While these were never the things I would have thought of when you asked about my favorite memories in my previous years as an underclassmen, they are now the big things when I look at my college career as a whole. I feel so lucky to have been given both the big moments and the small because without these people and these opportunities in Tri Delta, I can’t say my college career would have been half of what it is now. That is the best part about Junior spring, it makes you find the good in the mundane and the happy in a boring day.

With love, a Delta Delta Delta Sister


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