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A World Full of Love with Gamma Phi Beta

There is absolutely no doubt that the bond each chapter and their women have is incredible. I have found my home and sisters in Gamma Phi Beta, a place where I can be my truest self and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. But I have also found a home in the Panhellenic community, with friends from all chapters and women who inspire me all the time to be the best version of myself as well. This summer, I was able to grow closer to so many of these friends, both in the Gamma Phi Beta and Panhellenic sisterhoods.

In May of 2022, I embarked on my study abroad journey to Barcelona, Spain for 5 weeks and London, UK for another week. I learned about so many different cultures and met people from all around the world, but I also felt right at home surrounded by so many of my friends. From running into my Gamma Phi Beta sisters in Madrid and London to making friends from all different chapters, it was truly one of the best experiences of my life.

The people you meet and the friends you make WILL make the biggest difference in your college experiences.

My favorite memories were the unexpected ones with the friends I made along the way. From celebrating my friend’s birthday in Barcelona one night and hopping on a train to Madrid in the morning to dancing together as the sun set in the mountains and exploring new cities, the small moments quickly added up to a truly extraordinary trip.

Being able to go through this all together and then come home and share the stories with our families and friends makes me so eager to have more experiences like this in the years to come. I hope that everyone has the opportunity someday to find friends like mine and be able to travel and make memories with them. I realize that this is not something that everyone finds but I know that the Panhellenic community and my own chapter foster these relationships that are made with so much love and make it easy to find friendships like these.

With so much love,

Lauren Bonet <3


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