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Balance is Key -- Mental and Physical Health in Panhellenic

Balance is key as a Panhellenic woman in college. As Panhellenic women, we strive to excel as leaders academically, socially, and philanthropically. Finding the right balance between excelling in all of these areas can sometimes be challenging. It is completely normal to experience difficulty in finding that perfect balance and my hope is for this article to provide helpful advice to any Panhellenic woman looking to find greater balance in her life. As a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida and an active member of the Panhellenic community, some of the best ways that my friends within the Panhellenic community and I have found and maintained balance is through organization, time management, and prioritization of our physical and mental health.

Organization can include making to-do lists, creating a daily or weekly schedule, setting goals, and using a physical or digital planner. A to-do list is a great place to start by listing all of the academic assignments you would like to complete in a certain time frame. You can then begin to make a schedule using a planner of when you are aiming to complete those assignments by while incorporating upcoming Panhellenic chapter meetings and social events you would like to attend. Having everything organized and written out has greatly helped myself and many others feel more confident in maintaining balance. Time management is another important strategy in maintaining balance. To improve time management, organization and prioritization are key. Organization allows you to identify and catagroize your academic and Panhellenic commitments and prioritzation allows you to determine the order in which tasks should be completed and the amount of time allocated for each assignment or event.

While having a busy schedule academically and socially, the most important part in balancing everything is to remember to prioritize your physical and mental health. Setting time aside within your busy schedule to do things that make you happy, confident, and recharged are essential. Identifying what drains you and creating necessary boundaries are also key in maintaining a positive mindset. Whether it is going to the stadium, a yoga class, the gym, or on a walk on one of the various, beautiful trails of Gainesville, there are lots of fun ways to stay active on campus and many activities that you can do with other Panhellenic women. After a long week, journaling, reading a book, watching a movie, going to a coffee shop, or going on a walk are all great ways to decompress and take care of your mental health.

With love,

a Delta Gamma Sister


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