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Chi Omega: The Impact of a Sister

My freshman year was tough. I moved over 1,000 miles from home to a place where I knew nobody; to a school that challenged me in ways that I had never been challenged before. On top of it all, I blindly joined the Panhellenic community through a process that seemed daunting at the time. By doing this, however, I was immediately met with amazing friendships in my chapter. I had bid day buddies, “owl pals”, and so many other unique relationships that come with being a new member in any chapter. I developed significant relationships in my first few months in Chi Omega, but nothing really matched the relationship I made with my best friend Lilly Randolph.

Lilly is a year in school and MC(‘19) older than me. For the first few months in Chi Omega, I was almost a fan-girl over her from how highly people would speak of her. She was and is the most welcoming, joyful and driven woman I had ever met. Lilly has been involved in almost everything you can think of at this school. She has been a Pi Chi, serves as our chapter's external social chair, works for the UF Football team and is one of the newest Florida Cicerones. Her involvement and joy for everything she does inspired me as I began to look up to her as a mentor for my journey navigating my chapter and UF as a whole. She helped me join clubs, apply for internships and become involved in leadership within Chi Omega.

Not only has Lilly’s mentorship in my life pushed me to do my best in my academics and my career, but Lilly has also stood with me in my tough moments. She has pulled me out of bed when I’ve been homesick, taken care of me through every strep throat and sinus infection, given me rides to and from class, work and club meetings and walked me through some of the darkest moments that life has thrown my way. Lilly has not only done this for me but so many other girls in Chi Omega.

Lilly Randolph is a person that you strive to be. When you walk through the doors of 807 W. Panhellenic Drive, you are sure to be greeted with her smile and bubbly personality. Her mentorship speaks to every older woman in chapters around the Panhellenic community and the impact they have on the younger women. Panhellenic values include friendship and leadership and I believe that Lilly Randolph has embodied these to the fullest extent. As we grow in our chapters, it is important to note the impact we may have on those who come after us.

Choose Kindness,

xx Illyanna McCabe

Chi Omega MC ‘20


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