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Coffee Around Campus with Delta Gamma

Coffee is an essential when it comes to getting through the week as a college student. I know I have woken up a plethora of times in desperate need for the perfect cup of joe. At Delta Gamma, a part of something we love to do is spend time with our sisters while satisfying our coffee cravings! Whether it be studying at Concord, chatting at Pascals, or supporting a fundraiser at Opus, coffee runs with our sisters is quality time well spent. I wanted to share our love for coffee by ranking our favorite coffee shops by location, study environment, aesthetic, and best overall. I hope these insights help you find your cup of joe to grab with a sister the next time you need to get those brain juices flowing!

Best Overall: Opus

Opus is by far my favorite place to get coffee here at UF. They offer so many unique flavors and their coffee tastes amazing! Opus has both indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate for studying or meeting with a group. It is also a favorite place for Delta Gamma to hold fundraisers! I remember one time we held a fundraiser at Opus and the line was out the door, full with sisters in Delta Gamma.

Study Environment: Pascal’s Coffeehouse

Pascal's Coffeehouse is a favorite for girls of Delta Gamma to go and study at. There is plenty of covered outdoor seating as well as two stories inside for space. There are parts of the coffee shop that are quiet and perfect for focus but also spots that are louder when meeting with friends or a study group! Their coffee also tastes amazing and the workers are super sweet.

Location: Concord Coffee

Concord Coffee is a Delta Gamma favorite for a location to go before or after classes. It is located right across the street from campus by the Heavener Business School under a church! They also make a mean lavender iced latte that my big Lindsey introduced me to the first time we went. I love coming here with my sisters to study or just chat and catch up. If they run out of tables, they even offer additional quiet study space in the church upstairs.

Aesthetic: House of Waking Life (HOWL)

Howl is a locally owned tea garden in downtown Gainesville. Their tea and coffee are both amazing with the owners being super friendly! The space is littered with tons of creativity and is super cute. I came here with my little and studied with her, it was so wholesome. I know a lot of my sisters have come here and have loved it as well! Delta Gamma also loves supporting locally owned small businesses and this is one that most definitely deserves it.

The next time you are in need of that brain booster, try out one of these places! We love a good place to bond with our sisters over a pick me up cup of coffee.

With Love,


Delta Gamma


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