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Day in the Life as a Delta Delta Delta

The past year and a half at UF I have realized that every day in Gainesville presents new and exciting opportunities. My name is Eden DePekary and I am a sophomore at the University of Florida and a member of Delta Delta Delta. Everyday at UF is different for me but I have learned to develop some sort of routine and I am excited to walk you through a typical day in my life as a student and a Delta Delta Delta! I have noticed that my most productive days start with a workout. During the week I usually like to wake up at around 9:30 and make my way to an OrangeTheory class at 10:15. I always feel refreshed and ready to start my day after I have gotten a good sweat. A few of my Delta Delta Delta sisters and I have a group chat where we plan to go to OrangeTheory together in the mornings and walk to the house for lunch after. After our workout class is over, we usually start walking over to the Delta Delta Delta house. During our walk we catch up and talk about our day and what our plans are. Sometimes we decide to stop at Norman Starbucks on the way to grab a coffee for some extra energy. My favorite part of the day is sitting at meals with all of my friends, enjoying some good food, and catching up about our nights before or our lives in general. After lunch, depending on the day, I will either get ready to go to class, go to the library with friends, or relax. Because the weather is warming up again, my sisters and I have been spending a lot of time at the pool. It has been so relaxing to be able to clear my head and enjoy de-stressing at the pool with my best friends. Once the sun starts to set, I will usually head back to my room in my apartment and figure out my plans for the night. Around 5 my friends and I will pile into each other's cars and head to the house for dinner. Once we're all together we will chat about our night to come. If we are going to stay in and have a chill night together we will decide who’s apartment and what show or movie and if we have social plans we will talk about what we're wearing, where we're going, and what time we are all going to get ready. I love sitting at dinner with my friends and getting excited about whatever our plans may be for the night. It is extremely rare that I have a night to myself because there is nothing I love more than being with my friends and having fun together! I am so grateful for my Delta Delta Delta sisters who are also my best friends in the whole world. No matter what my days consist of, I always have someone to meet up with for a walk, a workout, or a meal at the house. I could not ask for a better time and group of friends here at UF and Delta Delta Delta.

With Love,

Eden DePekary and Delta Delta Delta


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