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Discovering My Potential

Dear Tara,

Congratulations! I was so excited to hear that you are going to be a Delta Phi Epsilon! I hope you enjoy every single moment of this special, fun time! But, most of all I hope you will find special friendships, like the one your mom & I are so lucky to share, friends that grow so close to your heart that they last and grow despite distance and time! I hope when you wear this sweatshirt you will be reminded of the special sisterhood your mom and I share… that YOU are now a part of.



This was a letter that was shared with me on the night of my initiation (along with a vintage Delta Phi Epsilon sweatshirt) from my mom’s long distance best friend who lives in Maryland. I’m from South Florida. Little did I know, almost four years later, I’d have my own special friendships with the world’s greatest memories attached to them.

Not only has my chapter shown me what true friendship is, but it has also pushed me to my greatest potential as a friend, leader, and person with over 200 sisters who have my back.

I’ve always been the type of girl with the unpopular opinion. I’ve always wanted to choose the “different” option because I love the feeling of something that excites me and pushes me out of my comfort zone. I was always confident to do so, but with the support of my chapter, it made every decision so much easier.

Sophomore year living in the house I felt like I was on top of the world. I was elected as Recruitment Chair, and I had grown close to so many more sisters. This time reminded me of why Delta Phi Epsilon was so special to me. Towards the end of the semester, it was time to apply for my first internship. Honestly, I had no idea where to start or what to expect. I dreamed of working at a PR agency where I could help with the Miami Swim Week fashion shows. Yet, without any experience I didn’t think this was a possibility. I told a couple friends about this idea, and they pushed me to apply anyway. All I needed was that extra push of support and a few emails later I landed myself the internship of my dreams.

The summer after Sophomore year, I got to work at the Miami Swim Week fashion shows I had dreamt of. This was an intimidating experience for me considering I had never done anything like it before. Then, in August 2021 I fulfilled my role as Recruitment Chair. Holding this position was truly one thing that defined my experience in my chapter and pushed me to my greatest potential. I knew I found my place, my purpose, and my “why Delta Phi Epsilon.” In September 2021, I was asked back to work with the PR agency again at New York Fashion Week in New York City.

After all of those incredible experiences, I was even more excited to reach the sky. In January 2022, I decided to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I traveled to many other cities and countries including Prague, Milan, London, Amsterdam, and Nice, just to name a few, with DPhiE sisters near and far, but still close at heart.

During my time at UF, I’ve also involved myself with Strike Magazine and got the opportunity to meet so many different people here as well. I’ve learned that there’s only good that can come from putting yourself out there and you never really know the opportunities and life experiences that may arise if you don’t believe in yourself.

All these things, even the little moments in between, have taught me to be more present in life and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Four years really does fly, but luckily Delta Phi Epsilon is a lifetime, and I can’t wait for the new endeavors and for all my friendships that will last and grow despite the distance and time!

All my love and support,

Tara, a Delta Phi Epsilon Sister


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