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Enveloped in Love: My Love Letter to Pi Beta Phi

Sisterhood to me is the smell of sweet, fresh pumpkin bread in the fall. After our big/little reveal, deciding to visit a pumpkin patch with my closest friends was possibly our best idea yet. Its distinct, welcoming scent along with our nicest perfumes and favorite outfits are what made the trip there all the more special.

In the spring, sisterhood is sunshine; filling our hearts with laughter as we support each other through more rigorous midterms, while catching up at our latest philanthropy event. Even with rainfall, Angel Bowl will forever be one of my fondest memories. The smiles we shared are moments my mind couldn’t erase if it tried, even if the rain covered my eyes.

To me, Pi Beta Phi isn’t just a chapter with dedication toward one another - it’s a place where I return to everyday to confide in my loved ones. What was once a place that seemed so foreign and daunting turned into a home I couldn’t imagine my life without. Undoubtedly, our letters are a symbol of kindness, a trait that I see reflected in each of my sisters. Whether it's a scooter ride home together from chapter or a hug after reuniting in Turlington, my experiences at UF Pi Phi are ones I cherish the most.

To each and every one of my sisters, I adore you endlessly and couldn’t thank you enough. I’m so excited to explore new semesters with each of you. Here’s to many, many more years of lasting friendship.

With much love,

A Pi Beta Phi Sister

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