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Favorite Study Spots with Kappa Alpha Theta: Finals Edition

Hi everyone, and happy finals season! As a first-year student, I am currently entering

my first college finals season (very nerve racking).

You don’t need me to tell you that the key to success in your finals will ultimately be

directly correlated to time spent preparing and studying. I have always found that what

determines the efficiency of my studying is my space, both physical and mental. UF is

full of great secrets, and some not-so-secret, study spots across its campus that are

ideal spaces to spend your time leading up to finals week.

1. The Great Library Debate

The Marston vs Lib West debate is a tale as old as time on UF’s campus. Personally,

I’m a Lib West girl, but to each their own. Both major libraries are more obvious study

spots for finals week, but none the less they each have appealing characteristics for a

study space. Marston’s 4th and 5th floors are great for fully focused, silent studying, and

Lib West’s booths and XL tables are perfect for group study sessions. Not to mention,

both libraries have a Starbucks on their ground floors.

2. The Plaza of The Americas

The Plaza of The Americas is personally one of my favorite places to study throughout

the day on campus. If you are feeling trapped from spending too much time under the

fluorescent lights of the library, the Plaza is a great way to enjoy being outdoors, while

still being productive.There are tons of options for studying in the Plaza; there are picnic

tables, grassy areas to lay down a blanket, and even designated hammocking areas.

Another one of my favorite things about the Plaza is its location. It is easy to stop there

in between classes to get a few things done because it is so centrally located. Whatever

it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

3. Newell Hall

Newell Hall’s greatest appeal is that it is currently the only designated study location on

UF’s campus that is open 24 hours a day. While I would never encourage pulling

all-nighters, sometimes they become necessary, and Newell Hall is a great option for

when you find yourself in those situations. I also may or may not know from personal

experience that Uber Eats drivers can deliver to Newell Hall’s front door :)

4. The Reitz

While Reitz Union has a ton of indoor study spaces for students, my favorite place to

get work done in the Reitz is outside by the pond. The Reitz Union Amphitheatre has

large grassy steps with cabana-like overhead covers that look directly over Green Pond.

These steps are another great place to study while also enjoying being outdoors.

Additionally, the Reitz is convenient for its free printing room funded by Student

Government, which is such an under-appreciated gem on campus!

Because I focused on on-campus study spots, I wanted to mention some off-campus

favorites as well! Fourth Ave Food Park, Depot Park, and Midpoint Eatery are my

favorite outdoor study spaces if you are looking for off-campus options. Any local coffee

shops like Opus, CYM Coffee Co., and Karma Cream are great indoor spaces if you are

looking to escape campus.

Also, remember to take time for yourself throughout the coming weeks. Whether that’s a

workout, journaling, or just carving out time to enjoy a meal, keep yourself grounded, a

healthy body and mind are the ultimate key to success.

Finals season is naturally a very stressful time for students, so find a place that makes

you feel happy and safe, as you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Your mental health is

most important throughout this season, so find a space that protects that peace!

Good luck on finals everyone! Happy studying!

With Love,

Zoe Vann and Kappa Alpha Theta


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