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Home Sweet Home by Sigma Kappa

We are so happy to be back in Gainesville and to have had the opportunity to welcome home so many new members! Here’s what our Vice President of Recruitment, Amelia, and a few of our new members have to say about Recruitment and Sigma Kappa!

Recruitment and Spirit Week at Sigma Kappa gave us all a chance to bond with each other. Our competitive sides came out with a karaoke competition, kickball tournament, and “march madness” bracket. Going into recruitment our only challenge was standing in heels for 15 hours straight, but the pain is all worth it now because we have our amazing NMC 22.

- Amelia Schouten, Vice President of Recruitment

The bid day experience was amazing! opening my letter to see sigma kappa written on it made me feel so happy and excited. I ran home to my bid day buddy Ellie who I now consider an awesome friend who I can always go to!! I have already met so many women I consider my good friends. The meals are delicious and I make a new friend every dinner!

- Nicolette Carew (NMC ’22)

Being a Sigma Kappa has been even more fun than I ever imagined! Every sister has been so incredibly welcoming and has made my first few weeks of college such an amazing experience. My bid day buddy was wonderful and introduced me to so many girls and I made friends with everyone so quickly. My first game day couldn't have been better and it was so nice knowing that there were so many people I could call if I needed anything. Current sisters are always reaching out and being so friendly, and it is just such an amazing group of girls to be surrounded by. I can't wait to become even more involved with Sigma Kappa and I am so excited that I got to be a part of this! These women represent who I want to become when I am older and it is so inspiring to be around such a great group of girls that want the best for each other!

- Kyleigh O'Brien (NMC ’22)

I have had such a good experience meeting new members and current members! I really bonded with my heart sister over these past few weeks and I enjoyed spending time with her at tailgates, games, trying new boba places, and thrift shopping. I met some really good friends at dinners and I was able to connect with girls I now call my friends at bid day and many other events.

- Danielle Sparacino (NMC ’22)


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