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Motivated Mindset with a Delta Gamma

An aspect Delta Gamma really focuses on that I value is the importance of mental health. We receive weekly tips from our mental health chair and other sisters on how to stay healthy, organized, and motivated!

I believe that keeping a positive attitude throughout each day can really transform your overall happiness. I usually start off my day by writing in my journal three things I am grateful for and a specific, achievable goal I can complete that day that will make my day just a little more AWESOME. I also get right out of bed in the morning and start playing some of my favorite songs that I love to sing and dance to. This automatically gets me energetic and ready for each day.

Throughout the day I like to complete the goals I set for myself earlier that day. Examples of this can be asking a classmate how their day is going, calling my grandparents, eating lunch or dinner at the Delta Gamma house with my friends, texting a friend I haven’t seen in a while, or doing anything as simple as smiling.

I like to end each day with some sort of self-care. This is often the hardest step for me. I normally feel guilty when I am not doing something I consider “productive” such as school, cleaning my apartment or any other responsibilities. I have learned to plan self-care into my schedule just as I would put a meeting or school assignment into my schedule. This way I can’t make excuses or feel guilty because I planned self-care into my schedule for my week. Some examples of self-care are taking a walk outside, a sisterhood event at the house, going to a workout class with my friends, watching your favorite show/movie, reading a book, or baking a delicious dessert. Never forget to do things for YOU!

These are just some steps that I have found personally help me to be more motivated and positive in my everyday life. Through things such as our @ufdgwellness Instagram, sisterhood events and presentations by our mental health chair, Delta Gamma inspires me to keep a positive attitude each day. Having a strong support system plays a huge role in mental health and I am so grateful for Delta Gamma to be that support system for me and all the amazing, inspiring women that I learn from each day!

P.S. Always remember to laugh, smile and be kind!!

With Love,

Liana Ramirez (MC ‘20) and all of Delta Gamma


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