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New Places with Familiar Faces

This summer I had the amazing privilege to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Thankfully I did not feel alone on this trip. I felt surrounded by comfort that my sisters brought- they were my roommates, living upstairs or were even a metro stop away. This comfort was needed with the culture shock of living in a different country. When everything seems new and unusual, having familiar faces brings a piece of home with you.

I grew closer with each Kappa Kappa Gamma, and with other Panhellenic women, as we began exploring the city together. One of our first excursions was to Montseratt and I was still recovering from traveling. I made it to the top but wasn’t feeling the best when my sister, Kat, offered nausea pills and even got water for me to feel better. Once I was feeling better, she convinced me to walk to the spectacular cross at the end of the trail. I would not have even done the walk if it wasn’t for her pushing me a little and making sure I was ok. I had never felt more on top of the world and happy than seeing the beauty that Spain had to offer from the view.

Sisters motivating me to explore new things became a pattern throughout the trip since I tend to sway on a cautious side. My sisters continued to reassure me that they would be with me while we found hundreds of things to do in the city. The first night we celebrated with some other Panellehic women at a fancy bar called Paradiso. Another day, we trekked to the top of the Bunkers del Carmel and enjoyed the sunset from the top. I even got to go to a winery tour and the beach with my sisters!

While traveling to each new place, I felt reassured that my sisters were by me. I grew a lot closer with girls from my sorority that I never got the opportunity to until this trip. I am so thankful that we all were able to learn together and grow closer. By the last night, I knew I had gained many stronger relationships with my sisters and I am positive they felt the same. It was a hard goodbye once the trip was over, but I am excited that now I have all these extra close sisters to see in the fall.

With Love,

Caroline Labrit


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