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Our Values: Scholarship

Hear from a few of our community members on why this value important to them and how being a part of the Panhellenic community helped them further this value or feel connected to it!

"As a woman in STEM in a field that is heavily male dominated, being in the Panhellenic community has given me an incredible support system of women during my time in college. After seeing many of my sisters study abroad, I decided to take the leap last summer and did an internship program in Brazil. I learned so much from this opportunity and was able to work with at an AI/Robotics start up. Being surrounded by intelligent and motivated women is something that has always pushed me to be the

best version of myself." - Lizzie Daniel, Alpha Chi Omega

"Scholarship is important to me because it is the one thing we, not only as Panhellenic woman, but as a UF community have in common. We are all here to grow and advance our knowledge through new and exciting opportunities. Panhellenic is one of the outlets that has given me and my peers so many opportunities. Whether through study hours, coffee dates, or sisterhood events there is always someone to support you throughout your studies."

- Mary Kate Arbuckle, Alpha Phi

"To me, scholarship means excelling academically and preparing for my future career. Being a part of the Panhellenic community has expanded my ability for academic success by connecting me with so many women who have similar interests and majors to me. My sisters and other Panhellenic women have helped me study for my classes and

pointed me in the direction of opportunities that align with my goals. "

- Samantha Soskin, Delta Phi Epsilon

"My academic aspirations are what drew me to the University of Florida. Additionally, I could not think of a better way to further those aspirations than by joining a community that allows you to thrive in every aspect! Becoming a member of the Panhellenic community was essential in developing my own scholarship. I am constantly surrounded by intelligent, hardworking women that push me to be the best I can be, both academically and personally. My chapter constantly acknowledges sisters academic achievements and facilitates a balanced understanding of academic priorities. When I was able to get A’s on my midterms or publish my first article, my sisters were the first ones to congratulate me on my academic accomplishment! I’m so thankful the Panhellenic community brought me my favorite people ever!" - Grace Kessinger, Sigma Kappa


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