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Paris Adventures with my Little

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to go to Paris with my little and best friend, Eden. We were studying abroad in a big group of friends and felt it was only right to plan a weekend trip for the two of us. One Tuesday, we met up in the center of Florence, Italy to get dinner on a rooftop under a lemon tree, discussing hypothetical Paris plans. After dinner, we got gelato and walked over to the Ponte Vecchio bridge. We sat on the bridge eating our gelato and decided to buy flights to Paris for the upcoming Thursday. Two days later, Eden and I were boarding our AirFrance flight to Paris. In Paris, we did everything. We ate crepes, ran around the city to find the best French onion soup, compared macarons from Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, and even enjoyed escargot. We explored Churches, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, numerous other museums, and speakeasies. We sat at cafés facing the cobblestone streets, laughing for hours. We saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle on a boat, shopped for hours on end, and walked through gardens and castle grounds. Paris was the trip of a lifetime, and not even for all the things we saw, ate, and experienced, but for the company we had. I have Delta Delta Delta to thank for the company. Delta Delta Delta has brought me the greatest friendships, experiences, and sisters I never had. I am especially thankful for finding Eden. Prior to coming to college, I had no idea that I could have such a best friend. Not to be cliché, but Eden is literally my sister. Delta Delta Delta has given us the opportunity to meet girls with like-minded values and interests and create friendships to last a lifetime. If someone told me a few years ago that in my junior year of college I would be going to Paris with my best friend in the world, I wouldn’t believe them. Long story short, I hope everyone finds an Eden in their life, and a trip to Paris while we’re at it. With Love, Sam Levine


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