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Phi Mu: Some Things Never Change

Four years ago we both ran up the lawn to Phi Mu, starting what would be the best four years of our life. Within these four years we have each grown Individually in our own separate ways, but our friendship is just as strong. Each of us met in our own unique ways, most of them being by happenstance. Coming from various backgrounds and from places all over, nothing could have given us the chance to become so close other than UF and Phi Mu. During recruitment, it was mentioned that Phi Mu is where you will find your forever friends that will be sisters for life. I can firmly say that this is true and these girls will be with me forever in every future step. Our shy and unknowing freshman selves have turned into confident and determined graduates who are prepared to take on the world and all of its challenges. These women I met as a newly introduced freshman will be with me every step of the way, from supporting me through my law school experience to standing by me on my wedding day. I can say this with confidence because our friendship has done nothing but grow and strengthen over our time in Phi Mu. But that wouldn’t be possible without the countless day trips we’ve taken, hometown visits, moments spent at the house, and so many other memories I will hold onto forever. Thank you Phi Mu for showing me there is nothing quite like friendship and how it can help you through the toughest of times.

With Love,

Maggie Nolan and Hailey Wolff


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