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Pi Beta Phi: Sincere Friendship is Key

One of our core values here at Pi Beta Phi is sincere friendship, and wow it truly shows. Whether it be scooting a friend to class or fixing a sister’s plate when she’s going to be just a little bit late to dinner, the sisterhood of Pi Beta Phi knows no bounds.

The day I opened my acceptance letter to UF is a day that I will never forget, but I knew I still had my reservations about leaving home and starting a whole new life in a new place, having to rebuild my support system from the ground up. Coming to a huge university from a small high school I had real concerns about opening up to new people and finding my place at UF. But nobody could have welcomed me with more open arms than my sisters at Pi Beta Phi. They truly are my new support system. They go above and beyond to make sure I felt at home during recruitment, bid day, and every single day since then.

Something I remember so vividly all the way back in August was when our Recruitment Chair Kristen Santaniello tried to hold back her laughter while playing the sisterhood video during formal recruitment. This helped me solidify my choice of where I wanted to be. I wanted to be where authenticity is celebrated. The authentic friendships I’ve made at Pi Beta Phi are truly what make it home. When I ran home to the big yellow house on frat row the energy was electric, it was palpable. Everyone was singing and dancing, so happy to be there, even in the rain. That’s when I knew I found my people, that’s when I knew I was home.

Never could I have imagined that I would have grown so close to people I would have called strangers a few months ago. There is something so special about the girls that storm into my dorm room every day looking for outfits, and the ones who are always down to raid the snack counter at the house for some of Chef Anna’s muffins. But the most amazing part of all is that those are the same girls I go to for comfort, the ones I go to to catch me when I fall. Every day I look back at how lucky I got. As corny as it sounds, I truly found a home away from home, and I never knew how lucky I would be to have made some of my best friends for life in that big yellow house.

With Love,

Delaney Dickson, A Pi Beta Phi's Friend

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