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Purple Rain

Annie McGuirk


Alpha Chi Omega is so excited for our third annual philanthropy event, Purple Rain! Anyone who has ever been a part of Purple Rain in the past knows how fun, lively and competitive it can be! Purple Rain is a five versus five dodgeball tournament, but here’s the catch: the foam balls are soaked in purple paint. The team members deck out in white, so you can see where the dodgeball strikes! Anyone can come watch, support their organization and our cause.

We hope that everyone at Purple Rain has an absolute blast but even more than that, we hope that everyone understands the important cause behind the tournament. All of our proceeds will be donated to Peaceful Paths, the local domestic violence shelter that Alpha Chi Omega has been working with in Gainesville for many years. As an organization, Alpha Chi Omega women are dedicated to raising awareness and educating others on domestic violence—something that closely affects more people than you realize. You can imagine how empowering it is that we are able to raise money at Purple Rain and give it right back to our community here in Gainesville.

Through working with Peaceful Paths, we have not only continued to grow as strong women, but we have also helped others in the community. Kyrsten Engstrom is a senior in Alpha Chi Omega, she is such a light and a role model for our chapter, especially because of her time working so closely with Peaceful Paths. Kyrsten is an economic justice intern at Peaceful Paths, where she co-facilitates a financial literacy class called LIFE (Live Independent Financially Empowered). Through this experience, she has had the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the clients at Peaceful Paths. Kyrsten said, “Because of this internship, I have decided to pursue a career in domestic violence advocacy. I am so lucky I found this organization through Alpha Chi Omega and to get to share such a special cause with all of my sisters.” Although we work to raise awareness for this cause throughout our four years at UF, the weight of this cause is something that we will forever hold in our hearts, and something that we will continue to raise awareness for as alumnae.

With our strong passion for domestic violence awareness, we sincerely hope and feel confident that Purple Rain will be a success. Next week, we will be promoting Healthy Relationships Week. You can find us tabling in Turlington to promote the development of healthy relationships, which in turn, prevents domestic violence. Swing by to write what love is to you on our “Love Is…” chalkboard, eat one of our donuts for domestic violence awareness or grab a ribbon to proudly support DVA. We also have a Yogurtology fundraiser next Friday in honor of Healthy Relationships Week, all of the proceeds will go back to Peaceful Paths!


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