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Sigma Kappa: It’s More Than a Sisterhood

You always hear that college goes by too fast and, although it’s true, you won’t realize it until you’re nearing the end of your collegiate career. I graduate with my undergraduate degree in the Fall. It’s a scary fact, but it is one that I can accept with grace because I know that my time at UF has been one filled with joy and unforgettable memories, both of which I credit to being a member of my chapter.

As time passes and I grow closer to different sisters, I realize that Sigma Kappa is so much more than just a sisterhood. From the second I stepped on Sigma Kappa’s front lawn, I was welcomed with open arms. I was given all of the tools I needed to succeed as both a student and a professional. I had older members take me under their wing immediately. They helped me get involved on campus and taught me how to find the balance between classes, involvement, and a social life while also prioritizing myself. They guided me in the right direction whenever I had a problem and encouraged me to apply for things I would have never applied for without their support.

I found an endless supply of chapter women to look up to and some of the best friends I have ever had. I have found my game day buddies, study buddies and coffee dates. They were with me through some of the toughest losses in my life and made sure to check in and build me up whenever they could.

Sigma Kappa has become my support system. My sisters push me every day to be a better version of myself, to try new things, and are my biggest cheerleaders. They are my role models and my best friends. We are a big bunch, but at the end of the day we share our letters and there will always be a sense of loyalty and friendship that comes with them.

I would not be the woman I am today if I hadn’t run home to Sigma Kappa. I am endlessly grateful for all the chapter has given me and, as I step into my role as this year’s Panhellenic Delegate, I can only hope that I have become a good role model for our younger members and a sister everyone can turn to.

Regardless of the chapter you may be (or one day be) part of, I hope you find a home like mine. One that’s filled with love and joy and sets you up for success not just in college, but beyond that too.

With Love,

Natalie Gomez

2022 Sigma Kappa Panhellenic Delegate


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