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Sister Support Ambassadors: The Sunshine of the Panhellenic Council

As members of Sister Support Ambassadors, we strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all Panhellenic women to come to be listened to, supported, and empowered as individuals. Our goal is to work together to build each other up as Panhellenic women and support our sisters through anything they may face. As ambassadors, we aspire to learn more about mental health and share what we learn with our sisters. All of our ambassadors, two from each of the Panhellenic chapters, are united by the common goal of advocating for mental health awareness and the improvement of one’s well-being in the Panhellenic community and on our campus. By learning more about mental health, we can spread mental health awareness, connect with one another, and be the Sunshine of Panhellenic, and beyond.

Through our passion for promoting a safer, tighter knit Panhellenic Community, we have created an Anonymous Support Form, provide our Ambassadors with resources necessary to help others, and hold events that promote self-care and teach about mental wellness. If anyone in Panhellenic ever needs someone to talk to, a support system that reaches out, or information and resources for whatever they are struggling with, the Anonymous Support Form is available in the Sister Support Ambassador section of the Panhellenic Council Website.

Why SSA from Kayla Wiechens, our Director of Ambassador Engagement...

“Last year, I applied to be an ambassador for SSA because I have always found mental health to be an important but under-discussed topic and was experiencing some new mental health battles that increased my desire to be an advocate on the topic. My experience as an ambassador was incredible; I was able to learn so much about various mental health conditions and wellness practices. I saw so much potential in this program and was eager to continue to be a part of increasing conversation and decreasing stigma. I am beyond excited to have stepped into the role of Ambassador Engagement Director, where I can have a positive impact on those in the position I valued so dearly last year!!”

Again, if you need anything, please feel free to fill out our form or contact us via

With love,

The Sister Support Ambassadors


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