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Spring and Fresh Beginnings

Spring is an exciting time- warm weather, upcoming spring break adventures with friends, and the sight of flowers blooming around campus makes me feel grateful for the new season. However, with spring also comes new beginnings, and we must decide how to best embrace changes that may come along.

This time last year, I had just received my acceptance to the University of Florida as a PaCE student. I was excited at the possibility of starting a new chapter of my life at UF, but I was also deeply unsure about where I wanted to commit because online classes would be a new change for my learning style. Once I weighed my other options, I decided that I needed to take a leap of faith and attend my dream school even with the many changes it would bring into my life. Additionally, I chose to go through recruitment last minute even though I was unfamiliar with what sorority life entailed. I have always been shy with just a few close friends, so the idea of having over 200 women as my “sisters” was terrifying to my high school self. Going through the process despite my fears has led me to find my true home away from home at Alpha Phi.

This spring has already brought multiple new changes for me and my sisters in Alpha Phi. In January, we had the opportunity to sign our name on the beams within our brand new house. I took so many photos with friends, envisioned my future room with my roommate, and began to dream about all of the possibilities this house will bring, ranging from movie nights, study sessions, and yummy meals shared together. Being able to go into our house this spring has sparked many ideas of new beginnings in my mind, and while it can be easy to become overwhelmed with so much change at once, I know that any new journey will be fun with my sisters by my side.

As you continue to make big decisions this spring, from college decisions, housing, and whatever else may fall in between, step outside into the sunny spring weather and take a deep breath. No matter where you end in your choice, a new adventure will always come and memories will be made with so many people supporting you along the way.

With Love,

Marley DeKriek, an Alpha Phi Sister


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