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Summer in the City: Alpha Delta Pi

Before this summer, the only time I had ever been to New York City was when I was five-years-old — and the only place I went was the American Girl doll store. But, in early June, I set off to live in New York University dorms for 3 months and complete an internship at a digital advertising agency called Canvas United. I connected with the company through UF’s new CJCxNYC program, a process that required an immense amount of support from my professors, family, and my Alpha Delta Pi sisters during application season. While it was scary to move up here alone, start my first real job, and even to apply — I am so grateful for this support system and how it helped me.

The day I got my interview and told my friends, I felt so genuinely encouraged by my sisters. Being in Alpha Delta Pi has shown me how important it is to have a community to hold you up through stressful situations. My friends in Alpha Delta Pi have an insanely wide range of career goals and extracurricular interests, but what brings us together is the collective desire for everyone to succeed. Through Alpha Delta Pi, I’ve found people to uplift me and push me to be the best version of myself. In the same vein, having people to celebrate with you and consistently wish the best for you is so important to building a career and branching out into life after college.

Additionally, I was able to connect with Panhellenic women of different chapters during my time in NYC. I’ve been involved with the Panhellenic council since the beginning of my freshman year and the support and opportunities I’ve gained through my roles have impacted me in so many ways. From having a group in NYC to go to Restaurant Week with, to the Communications Board group chat where we send internship graphic inspiration—the Panhellenic community and Alpha Delta Pi have been deeply impactful in my life.

During my internship, I was also able to draw from the positions I’ve had in my chapter and on the Panhellenic council. I was one of my chapter’s Digital Marketing Specialists last year and I am currently the Public Relations Director for Panhellenic. At Canvas United, I’ve had to design web pages, branding for an esports pop-up event, a new social visual identity for Got Milk’s media platforms, and much more. My experience in these roles at UF greatly impacted my ability to succeed and stand out in my office.

As I go into my junior year, I’m so excited for the opportunities to come and I know that I will be consistently supported by my community of sisters. I’m living in the Alpha Delta Pi house this year and I’m looking forward to late nights recapping our summers and reuniting with everyone in Gainesville!

With Love,

Kate McNamara


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