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The Big Event: Gators Giving Back

Sydney Isseks


Unity; a concept that might seem a little strange on a campus with a population over 50,000 people. Not only was the Big Event an opportunity to unite the campus community, but the Gainesville community as well. The students who led the Big Event this year started off the morning ceremony by saying, “We care because we know what matters.” Essentially, to be a Gator is to care.

The Big Event is a day where volunteers are committed to devoting their day to community service efforts. The main goal is to give back to Gainesville, the home to our amazing campus. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 1,300 students to participate in the project this year.

I was assigned to a small, patchy area on the side of the road to pick up trash. Most people probably would assume that an event with the word “big” in the title would mean that the projects assigned were big and complex. However, I learned through this experience that the little tasks can collectively make the biggest difference. Our efforts to keep the city clean will make a lasting impact on the care and maintenance of Gainesville, so people see just how beautiful it really is!

There are many ways to get involved with the Big Event, such as: administration, campus outreach, team captains, public relations team, student government and more! There is a place for everyone to do a little good each and every day. Participating in the Big Event showed me that no matter what the project is, big or small, a lasting difference can be made.


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