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Zeta Tau Alpha: A Never Ending Summer Camp?

Spending time at Zeta Tau Alpha means something different for all of our members. For some, it's a time to socialize and make fun memories with new and old friends. The Zeta Tau Alpha House is also a place in which everyone comes to enjoy one of our Chef's delicious meals. For those who need to recharge in between classes, it’s a place to relax and take a nap on one of our comfy sofas. It’s also a place in which girls can sit together in the quiet study room and take tests in our exam rooms. One thing for certain is that there is always something going on. At the house, we just recently had a cooking class with our alumnae hosted by Chef Ryan demonstrating how to make sugar cookies and we split into teams to see who could make the best batch. This past month the sisterhood chairs, Emma Campbell and Morgan Johnson, conducted an event in which everyone was able to make a ceramic of their choice and they were able to keep them! Walking through the halls you may get the chance to meet our house mom Gwen Banner. Gwen goes above and beyond to make sure that all of the girls are safe and taken care of, including restocking our In House Snack Closet weekly. We all love her so much and are so grateful that we get to call her our Zeta Tau Alpha house mom. The best way to describe life at the Zeta Tau Alpha House is like living at a never-ending summer camp.

With Love,

Zeta Tau Alpha


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