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Addy W. 

Head Pi Chi



The Head Pi Chi is responsible for teaching the spring course for first-year Pi Chis and the seminar for the second-year Pi Chis. She also organizes spirit-week prior to recruitment, and serves as a resource for all Pi Chis.

The Operations Pi Chi creates and implements an efficient transportation schedule for use during each round of formal recruitment. She obtains all required city, transportation, and parking permits in order to certify the proper execution of recruitment.  Additionally, the Operations Pi Chi organizes officers from the University of Florida Police Department to ensure the safety and security of every participant.

Toni J.

Operations Pi Chi



Emily G.

Publications Pi Chi



The Publications Pi Chi is in charge of all the merchandise and sponsorships surrounding recruitment, and creates The Key to the Greeks, a resource for PNMs to better understand the Greek community.

The Computer Pi Chi is responsible for all the behind the scenes operations of Recruitment, including PNM registration, PNM preferencing, and PNM withdrawals and excuses.  The Computer Pi Chi also work closely with each chapter’s recruitment chair to ensure each chapter has a smooth and successful recruitment process when it comes to PNM preferencing.

Maggie R.

Computer Pi Chi



Em S.

Assistant Computer Pi Chi



The Assistant Computer Pi Chi processes all recruitment excuses. Additionally, she aids the Computer Pi Chi in facilitating PNM preferencing and withdrawals during formal recruitment.

The PNM Relations Pi Chi is responsible for the health and wellbeing of PNMs during formal Recruitment. She is to assess situations involving the physical and mental health of PNMs and decide which actions need to be taken. She also works closely with the computer Pi Chi to excuse PNMs from parties as needed.

Abbey D.

PNM Relations Pi Chi



Sonia D.

Chapter Relations Pi Chi



The Chapter Relations Pi Chi is responsible for organizing and ordering the items needed at each chapter’s recruitment location, including tents, chairs, fans, porta-potties, snacks, etc. She is also responsible for ordering Pi Chi name tags and buttons.

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