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Wellness Tips from SSA


  • All of us are constantly on our laptops or phones for school & social media, so taking 10 minutes a day to decompress and not be on an electric device is beneficial. 

Setting Boundaries 

  • It is okay to say no. Setting boundaries for yourself and others is important for a healthy lifestyle. 


  • Self care to recenter yourself, whether it's yoga, meditation, a bath, or any mindfulness activity.

Healthy Eating

  •  Putting foods in your body that fuel your day and allow you to feel your healthiest, strongest, and happiest self. This would include consuming foods in all the major food groups to allow your body to function at its best. 

Self Love 

  • Tell yourself three nice things every morning and create a mantra that allows yourself to feel confident and ready for the day. This could be something you could repeat to yourself whenever you start to feel down or insecure. 

    • Examples some sisters say every morning

      • Progress over perfection 

      • You are stronger than you know 

      • You are loved 

      • You can do it, today is a new day

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