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Charity: Domestic Violence Awareness & Gainesville’s Peaceful Paths Domestic Violence

philanthropy: Purple Rain Paint Dodgeball Tournament

Colors: Scarlet Red & Olive Green

Mascot: Peacock

Flower: Red Carnation

symbol: Lyre


Website: https://www.ufalphachiomega.o


INVOLVEMENT: This year, Alpha Chi supported Healthy Relationships Week, spent time volunteering at the Peaceful Paths Women’s Shelter, and took part in Denim Day, a day where people are encouraged to wear denim to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault. Our sisters are involved in many organizations around the Gainesville community, including Florida Blue Key, Student Government, Gator Growl Homecoming and Parade, Dance Marathon, UF Preview Staff, Order of Omega, the Independent Florida Alligator, Strike Magazine, Project Makeover, Her Campus UFL, and Floridance.

#WESTICKTOGETHER because we are one. No matter our backgrounds or where we come from, we constantly build each other up and create a support system for one another. We joined this chapter to create long lasting memories and friendships with women who share the same core values, ambitions, and ideals as each of us. We pride ourselves on holding true to our motto, Real Strong Women. Each woman in Alpha Chi Omega encompasses this motto in their own individual way, which in turn meshes together to form the incredibly strong sisterhood that we cherish and love.



Dear Potential New Members,


I am honored and excited to write this letter to you today, wishing you the best as you enter the process of Formal Recruitment here at UF. Joining the Panhellenic community is the best decision I have made since coming to college - it has opened up doors to countless opportunities and introduced me to lifelong friends and supporters. Three years ago, I was in the same position as you. I was nervous for the future, but excited at the same time. As you search for your home away from home, some advice I would like to offer you is this - stay true to yourself and find a group of strong women who celebrate you for being authentically yourself. When you walk into each house, think about how you feel. Do you feel included, celebrated, and comfortable? Do you feel empowered to be yourself? Can you imagine yourself hanging out in the house with no makeup and sweatpants watching Friends on the couch? I have found all of this and more to be true at Alpha Chi Omega, and that’s when I knew I could call this chapter my home.  


At Alpha Chi Omega, our motto is Real Strong Women. And at Gamma Iota, that is exactly what we are. Our women empower one another every single day to reach their potential and achieve their goals, both personal and professional. Our chapter women support each other in the house, on campus, and beyond. 


The sisterhood at Alpha Chi Omega is like no other. This sisterhood is inclusive, where you can join any group of women at the dinner table and feel welcome. This sisterhood is memorable, where you can have late night movie marathons in the Green Room, indulge in Chef Dave’s famous cookies, and go to spin classes with your sisters. This sisterhood is empowering, where you can take on new challenges and involvement with the support of the chapter. This sisterhood is where you can be your best self, empowered by the women around you. 


Alpha Chi Omega makes this new adventure feel like home, and the women in this chapter make all of the daunting yet exciting challenges ahead feel possible. We are so excited to introduce you to our chapter, and show you what empowered sisterhood means to us. 

-jennifer gilby, Alpha Chi Omega President