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Charity: Ronald McDonald House Charities

Philanthropy: King of the Court

Colors: Azure Blue & White

Mascot: Lion

Flower: Woodland Violet

Symbol: Four-Pointed Diamond

Founded at UF: 1947



Involvement 2024: Here at Alpha Delta Pi, we constantly strive to uphold one of our core values, Service to Others, through our work on and off campus. You can find ADPis all over campus in a multitude of leadership roles and organizations! Our sisters are involved in Florida Blue Key, Florida Cicerones, Dance Marathon, Gator Growl, Miss Florida, Dazzlers, UF Cheerleading, Strike Magazine, Heavener Leadership Conference, and so much more. Our philanthropy team has worked incredibly hard this year and put on three amazing events–King of the Court, Pancakes with the Pis, and Pickleball with the Pis. These fundraising efforts helped us raise over $48,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida, and we are so grateful that we are able to contribute to this cause in such a significant way.


#EmbraceTheLittleThings  Alpha Delta Pi’s open motto, “We Live for Each Other,” is the cornerstone of what makes an ADPi woman. This is truly a sisterhood like no other, and the bonds that we foster in our chapter are built to last a lifetime. What makes these friendships so strong is not simply the ADPi name, but it is the small acts of kindness, friendship, and love that we show one another each day. Whether it’s making your sister a late plate before her big exam, saving her a seat at chapter, or going on a sunset Depot Park walk together, these are the little things that make Alpha Delta Pi friendships so intentional and special. We cannot wait to show you all of the facets that make ADPi exceptional, and we are so excited to host primary recruitment this fall!

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