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"Many Hearts, One Purpose"


Charity: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsheret

Philanthropy: Phi Hoops and AEPhi After Dark

Colors: Green & White

Mascot: Giraffe

Flower: Lily of the Valley

Symbol: Columns

Founded @ UF: 1948


Involvement 2023: As Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters, we take great pride in our involvement within the Greek community through positions. With positions such as Sister Support Ambassadors and Panhellenic Activities Directors, we are able to promote a strong sense of community and sisterhood. The women of Alpha Epsilon Phi also value our involvement on campus with a wide range of organizations, such as Dance Marathon, Florida Cicerones, Relay for Life, Florida Blue Key, Homecoming & Gator Growl, UMatter We Care and Strike Magazine. Through our active participation in these groups, we demonstrate our commitment to leadership, service and community engagement. It's inspiring to see our sisters excel in various areas of interest and contribute to positive change within these organizations. We are proud to be a part of a sisterhood that values involvement and encourages pursuing passions and making a difference in the world.


#EmbraceTheLittleThings At our core, we are a sisterhood that cherishes the shared experiences that make our bond unbreakable. Our motto, “Multa Corda, Una Causa,” resonates deeply as we embrace the diversity of our individual hearts, yet unite under one purpose: to celebrate, support, and uplift each other. In Alpha Epsilon Phi, you'll discover a community where every sister is valued and celebrated for who they are. Whether it's a spontaneous gathering for coffee, laughing in the living room, or simply enjoying the company of sisters during a study session, we find joy in the little things that bring us together. 

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