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Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Colors: Cardinal & Straw

mascot: Owl

Flower: White Carnation

symbol: Skull and Crossbones

founded at uf: 1948

Website: https://www.ufchiomega.com/

involvement: Our sisters are involved in a variety of activities; from leading the campus as Cicerone Student Ambassadors, to dancing For The Kids as Dance Marathon Captains and Overalls, to holding the prestigious title as members of Florida Blue Key and beyond.

#thisishome because Chi Omega allows us to be the purest forms of ourselves and has helped us make connections with some of the strongest and brightest women. Through these relationships we are encouraged to be womanly always and discouraged never. Because of Chi Omega, we will forever be sisters on purpose. 



Potential New Members,


I am thrilled to be serving as this year’s President of Chi Omega. Just three short years ago I was standing in your shoes feeling anxious, yet excited for what was to come. Being at the University of Florida can be challenging at times, but going Greek can enhance your college experiences in more ways than you will ever imagine. I not only have found my home away from home in Chi Omega, but I have gained meaningful memories and experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime. 


I encourage you to stay positive and be true to yourself throughout this challenging process. Be open to new experiences this week in finding your home not only for the next four years, but for a lifetime. I found peace of mind in Chi Omega, where I am constantly challenged to be a better person, make new friends, and reach outside of my comfort zone. As a Chi Omega we strive to live out our vision statement of serving the world while keeping Chi Omega ever at heart. I am beyond confident that you will all find your place in our Greek community. I will be forever grateful that I am constantly surround by this amazing community where I can serve others. I am proud to be Greek, and I am proud to be a Chi Omega. Best of luck to you during your recruitment process as you begin your journey to find your home. I can’t wait to meet you all during formal recruitment!

-Jacquelyn Zipay, Chi Omega President