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Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Philanthropy: Tri Delta Triple Play, Spaghetti Dinner

Colors: Silver, Gold, and Cerulean blue

Mascot: Dolphin

Flower: The Pansy

Symbol: Trident

Founded @ UF: 1948


Involvement 2024: The women of Tri Delta are dedicated to living out our motto, "let us steadfastly love one another," in every aspect of our lives, including academics, leadership, involvement, and service. Our sisters hold prominent roles in a variety of organizations, including Student Government, Young Leaders Conference, Strike Magazine, Florida Cicerones, Florida Blue Key, Sister Support Ambassadors, The Alligator, Heavener Leadership Challenge, Pre-Professional Service Organization, LEAP mentor program, Homecoming and Gator Growl, Warrington Diplomats, research, and much more. Our remarkable sisters are committed to serving passionately and spreading love everywhere they go with the intention of leaving a positive impact on their greater community.


#EmbraceTheLittleThings celebrates the small moments that make our sisterhood unique. It is in these daily interactions and simple joys that we find true connection and growth. Whether it is taking walks around campus together, sharing a laugh on tough days, or movie nights at the house, every little moment adds up. We embrace the unexpected texts of encouragement, spontaneous road trips, and late-night study sessions that bring us together. These instances may seem small, but they create memories that will last us for years to come. Our sisters not only influence our lives in grand gestures but also in countless little ways that help us become the empowered women we strive to be. We #EmbraceTheLittleThings, because it is the little things that make our journey through college and sisterhood so meaningful!

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