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perpetual bond of friendship.


Philanthropy: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Colors: Silver, Gold, and Cerulean blue

mascot: Dolphin

Flower: The Pansy

symbol: Trident

founded at uf: 1948

Website: http://ufl.tridelta.org/

involvement: From leading campus tours as a Florida Cicerone, to dancing for 26.2 hours straight as a Dance Marathon Captain, to serving as Chairwomen of the Young Leadership Conference, Delta Delta Deltas are extremely passionate leaders.

#thisishome because of the welcoming environment that is created from the very beginning. Home is where one can comfortably embrace every aspect of their true self and allow each other a space for personal growth. These women lift each other up in every aspect of life and are always there to be a mentor and a friend!!



Hi all!

My name is Melinda Abercrombie and I am humbled to call myself the President of Delta Delta Delta. Joining the Panhellenic community has been the best decision I have made in my college career at UF, and has shaped me immensely into the person I have become today. Since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of coming to UF for college, but I never knew how much I would enjoy it and grow as a person here, until I went through recruitment during Fall of 2016.


The experiences I have had within my chapter and within Panhellenic are unparalleled to anything I have experienced elsewhere. From participating in philanthropies of my own chapter and of others chapters, to travelling near and far for leadership conferences, to getting to know so many strong and compassionate women, I have learned how special this community is and the true meaning of sisterhood. I have discovered that Panhellenic women are led by values and are the type of women who will be there no matter what: to celebrate with you during your highs and be there for you during your lows. The mentorship aspect of Panhellenic women that I have heavily experienced in Delta Delta Delta has helped me find my purpose here on campus and in the community, and I would not have been able to gain all of the leadership skills I have acquired in my time here without it.


Women of my chapter are known nationally for being brave, bold, and kind, and I am so ecstatic I get to surround myself with these types of women, as well as with all of the other unique people I have crossed paths with in this community. The homes are special but it is the women inside them who make the experience so noteworthy, and am certain the best of friendships lie within UF Panhellenic.

-Melinda Abercrombie, Delta Delta Delta President