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perpetual bond of friendship.


charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Philanthropy: Tri Delta Triple Play

Colors: Silver, Gold, and Cerulean blue

mascot: Dolphin

Flower: The Pansy

symbol: Trident

founded at uf: 1948


involvement: Tri Delta sisters are involved all over campus! We love to participate in student organizations and groups beyond greek life, such as Youth Leadership Conference, Dance Marathon, Camp Kesem, Student Government, Student Conduct Committee, Panhellenic, Strike Magazine, ESPN Gainesville, WUFT News, Pre-Professional Societies, Florida Cicerones, Women Student Association, Homecoming and Gator Growl, Florida Blue Key, LEAP, Rowdy Magazine, Florida Leadership Academy, Red Cross Gator, The Agency, and endless others. Many are officers in these organizations as well. Our sisters are also involved in a wide range of internships spanning all over the country! Whatever you are interested in, you will most likely find a Tri Delta involved too!

#westicktogether and hold on tight for the best four years! College is about finding yourself and making lasting friendships. At Tri Delta, our motto is “let us steadfastly love one another” because our sisterhood brings us together no matter where we come from, our interests, or our major. Tri Delta values each sister individually, but cherishes the bonds we make as a whole.




My name is Allison Felts and I have the utmost pleasure of serving as the President of the Alpha Psi Chapter of Delta Delta Delta. Joining the Panhellenic community in the Fall of 2018 was one of the greatest decisions I could have made for myself. I have made the most incredible friends, memories, and skills that will last a lifetime because of the empowered women I have had the honor of meeting and loving. 


Looking back, there are some lessons that I have learned since then that I wish I knew as I started my college career and journey in Greek life. I remember being an incoming Freshman heading into recruitment and wanting to know as much as I could before I met the chapter women. I read the letters from each president on the UF Panhellenic website and left feeling so inspired by their words of wisdom. Being in this position, I have the opportunity to share with you some things I have learned.


First, be yourself no matter what. It sounds cliche and you'll hear this during recruitment, but I can't stress this enough. You may think you need to act a certain way to make friends, but if I have learned anything, your perfect circle will find your perfect self. What I loved most about Tri Delta going through recruitment was that I felt the most myself when I stepped foot in the chapter house. The conversations were natural and meaningful, and I was able to crack jokes because I felt so comfortable with the chapter women.


The next thing I have learned is to surround yourself with people that will lift you up and push you to be the best version of yourself. During recruitment, I found myself in awe of the Tri Delta women I got to talk to. The way they carried themselves, gave insight into their passions on campus, and spoke so highly of each other inspired me. As I talked to these women, I knew that I wanted to be just like them as I got older. Being in Tri Delta has given me the opportunity to meet incredible role models and lean on them throughout my college career.


The last piece of advice I have is to get involved on campus early. As I went through recruitment, involvement is something I talked about at each chapter. I have been able to pursue several student organizations on campus because of older sisters in Tri Delta who saw something in me and pushed me to apply for positions. Everything considered, Tri Delta has been the foundation of my college career. It has given me the platform to empower young leaders and love on my sisters, while pushing me to learn new things about what it means to be a leader. 


As you navigate the transition into college, keep these lessons in mind as you look for your home away from home. Joining the Panhellenic community shaped my college experience and I can only hope the same for you. Without the women of Tri Delta, I wouldn't be the woman and leader I am today. And with that, I sign off.

-allison felts, Delta Delta Delta President