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perpetual bond of friendship.


Philanthropy: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Colors: Silver, Gold, and Cerulean blue

mascot: Dolphin

Flower: The Pansy

symbol: Trident

founded at uf: 1948

Website: http://ufl.tridelta.org/

involvement: From leading campus tours as a Florida Cicerone, to dancing for 26.2 hours straight as a Dance Marathon Captain, to serving as Chairwomen of the Young Leadership Conference, Delta Delta Deltas are extremely passionate leaders.

#thisishome because of the welcoming environment that is created from the very beginning. Home is where one can comfortably embrace every aspect of their true self and allow each other a space for personal growth. These women lift each other up in every aspect of life and are always there to be a mentor and a friend!!



Hi all!

My name is Noel Fleig, and I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled to present myself to you as the President of Delta Delta Delta. I’ve been a potential new member, an active member, and a Panhellenic Counselor (Pi Chi), and all I can say is I’m a better person for it. A better leader, friend, sister, and student. Deciding to join the Panhellenic community here at the University of Florida is one of the single best decisions I made in college--aside from picking UF. These women will help you grow more than you ever thought possible, provide you with endless support, and be your most important advocate.


The day I walked into Delta Delta Delta during the first round of recruitment I was immediately impressed by the women I spoke with. They were women I wanted to be: motivated, funny, and kind. Delta Delta Delta felt like home to me because I knew I’d be surrounded by family, not just friends. Family motivates you to grow and become the best version of yourself, and for me, Delta Delta Delta represented exactly that. Fast-forward three years later, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to lead these incredible women. I love Delta Delta Delta because every day I’m able to be myself, grow as an individual, and feel support from my sisters every time I see them.


My chapter has such a diverse range of involvement, interests, and academic pursuits, and I love that about my sisters. There is always someone to ask about an organization, a major, or a career opportunity. Since I became a new member at Tri Delta, I have consistently been mentored and have been a mentor within this chapter. Coming from a girl in a family with no sisters, I never knew how much I would need them until I became a member of my chapter. Delta Delta Delta offers more than a four-year friendship, it offers a lifelong sisterhood and all that comes with it.


The women I surround myself with in Delta Delta Delta are brave, bold, and kind. I am forever grateful to surround myself with them and support them. The women I’ve met have been unique, motivated, and warm. As I went through recruitment as a PNM and Pi Chi, I realized the houses are beautiful, but it is the group of women inside that makes it a home. I encourage everyone to find the people who make that beautiful house...your home.

-noel Fleig, Delta Delta Delta President