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Charity: Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Philanthropy: Deepher Dude, Bowling for Body Positivity

Colors: Royal Purple & Pure Gold

mascot: Unicorn

Flower: Lovely Purple Iris

symbol: Equilateral Triangle

founded at uf: 1958


involvement: The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon exemplify their motto: “Esse Quam Videri” which means “to be, rather than to seem to be'' through various involvement opportunities on and off campus. They represent the chapter by taking leadership roles in Florida Cicerones, Florida Blue Key, Dance Marathon, Strike Magazine, Project Makeover, and many other organizations around Gainesville. Just last summer, the sisters founded a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee with five subcommittees for Racial, Lingual, and Ethnic Diversity, Accessibility, Women’s Environment, LGBTQIA+, and Metal Health. The women who make up this chapter carry the values: Justice, Sisterhood, and Love throughout their involvement experiences, through their everyday lives, and beyond.

#westicktogether because our sisterhood is more than the 10 months we spend together in Gainesville each year. DPhiE lasts a lifetime - you’ll always have someone there for you. A sister of Delta Phi Epsilon is cheered on and uplifted throughout all her endeavors, within these four years at UF and beyond. Delta Phi Epsilon means strong women who are inspired everyday to be the best version of themselves and those who make the 1115 house a home.

Hey everyone!

My name is Drew McNally and it is the privilege of a lifetime to be serving as the president of Delta Phi Epsilon; I seriously have to pinch myself that this is real life. Our Panhellenic community is nothing short of inspiring and empowering. Coming to a “big school” like UF is comparable to jumping in the ocean- I’m a big metaphor girl. The opportunities are vast and expansive, so getting lost is easy. I view the Panhellenic community as a life-raft, helping you stay afloat and providing a vessel for exploration, and the individual sororities as different routes on the GPS, all will help you navigate the waters to reach your final destination, yet one will feel most natural to you. 


As a PNM in 2019, I came into recruitment feeling terrified and overwhelmed. How was I going to find my place and people? My best advice is to do this process on your own, be honest with yourself, and go with your gut to pick the place that feels just right. For me, I found myself sitting on the floor of the Delta Phi Epsilon house laughing so hard there were tears welling in my eyes when I knew. 


On the second day of recruitment, a young woman sat across from me spilling all of her stories about her freshman year. She spoke of the round tables that girls squished at during mealtimes to recap their adventures and vent about their upcoming exams. She shared that living in the “deeph” house is a sleepover every night with your best friends filled with hallway dance parties and full access to the other 39 closets. And lastly, she told me that she has never felt alone with the older girls acting as her guide to help her pick her classes, show her the ropes, and answer her never-ending questions about the myriad of opportunities on our campus; like what is dance marathon and do you actually dance? I left that day with a burning desire to come back and hear more. My gut was telling me that these were the people I needed to surround myself with in college. These were the people that felt like home. These were the people who would push me to do great things. I wanted to be a DPhiE woman: a unique individual and a leader.  Fast-forward to now and the involved, driven, passionate, and kind older sister who sat across from me that fateful day of recruitment is my big and my best friend in the whole world. I found magic in the little house on the corner and it showed me the power of justice, sisterhood, and love. 


Two years later, the magic hasn’t  faded and the love in my heart continues to grow everyday. I hope that each one of you embarking on this journey finds your home and your place that will love you, support you, uplift you, show you the light when you only see darkness, and never try to change you. I believe it is you who will make the biggest difference in us, and for me that is why Delta Phi Epsilon is my home. 


Take a deep breath and I wish you the best of luck. Welcome to the best years yet.

-Drew mcnally, Delta Phi Epsilon President