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Charity: Starkey Hearing Foundation

Philanthropy: Starkey Hearing Foundation

Colors: Rose & Green

Mascot: Turtle

Flower: Pink Killarney Rose

Symbol: Roman Lamp

Founded @ UF: 2003


Involvement 2024: As Delta Zetas, we strive to continuously embrace our core motto, “Give Graciously.” Every year, we give the gift of speech and hearing to thousands of people around the world by fundraising for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. We dedicate our time and talents to give back locally to organizations such as UF Health Shands Conference on Pediatric Hearing Loss, UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, and the Alachua County Humane Society. On campus, each of our sisters continue to empower one another by being involved in hundreds of organizations at the University of Florida. Whether it’s leadership in Student Government, making miracles through Dance Marathon, overseeing academic clubs in many positions, working alongside professionals in a variety of industries, or performing groundbreaking research in STEM, we strive to make an impact greater than ourselves every single day. As Delta Zetas, we full-heartedly honor our motto by supporting one another and always giving graciously in everything we do.

#EmbraceTheLittleThings As a Delta Zeta, every little moment we get to spend with each other is special. Whether it is a walk to class with a friend, a drive to Paynes Prairie to watch the sunset, or a movie night at the house, we are always finding bliss in simple everyday acts. It is in the moments in between that we find fulfillment in our sisterhood. These simple experiences enrich our lives and give us a deeper appreciation for each other. We have found a true home in Delta Zeta knowing that we will always have friends to support us in any aspect of our lives. While your future may be uncertain, know that the countless little memories you share with your sisters will remain with you for a lifetime.

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