charity: Starkey Hearing Foundation

Philanthropy: Clay Classic

Colors: Rose & Green

mascot: Turtle

Flower: Pink Killarney Rose

symbol: Roman Lamp

Founded at uf: 2003


involvement: No matter where you are, you can always find Delta Zetas embodying our core motto, “Give Graciously.” Every year, we give the gift of speech and hearing to thousands of people around the world by fundraising for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. We also use our time and talents to give back locally to organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County, and UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. Additionally, each of our sisters chooses to empower one another, and our community by being involved in hundreds of organizations at the University of Florida. Whether it’s leadership in Student Government, making miracles through Dance Marathon, working alongside incredible professionals in different industries, or performing groundbreaking research in STEM, we strive to make an impact greater than ourselves every day. As Delta Zetas, we choose to full-heartedly embrace our motto by supporting one another, and always giving graciously.

#leanonme because in times of uncertainty, we’re here for you. When everything is constantly changing, one thing is for sure- Delta Zeta will always be a place you can call home. The bond this sisterhood gives you, the lifelong friends you’ll make, and the everlasting memories you’ll have are irreplaceable. Being a Delta Zeta means having a never-ending support system, girls who will cheer for your accomplishments, and cry with you when life gets a little too hard. Whether you need a gym buddy, study partner, or Monday night Bachelor squad, your sisters will always be there. The unbreakable bond you have as a Delta Zeta goes beyond just four years, it’s for life.



I remember the first time I stepped into Delta Zeta as a freshman during formal recruitment. There were so many uncertainties in my life; like many of you, I had just moved away from home, left all my lifelong friends, and was stepping into a new chapter. Amidst all the unknowns, there was one thing I knew for certain—this was home. The women I met were bold, compassionate, and most of all made me feel valued the second I walked into their house. Even two years later, I still feel the same love and encouragement those first women shared with me every time I step into our home.

This chapter has brought me some of the greatest moments of my life. From traveling across the country with my sisters to having a shoulder to cry on my hardest days, I truly cannot imagine my college experience without the women in this sorority. There is truly nothing like the selfless, unique love I have experienced in this chapter—these women are my family. As president, it is truly an honor to give back that same love that has been given so graciously to me over the past two years.

As you begin your own journey in college, my hope for you is that you find a place that feels like what I’ve found here: a place with people to support you through the highs and lows, a place where you can be your truest self, and a place where you will make some of the greatest memories of your life. Delta Zeta has truly changed my life, and it is my honor to welcome you to our sisterhood. Joining the Panhellenic community was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am so excited for you to begin your search for a home. Recruitment can be an overwhelming process, but trust me when I say there is a place for you in the Panhellenic community where you are valued, loved, and feel most at home. You deserve a place where you can be yourself, and my hope for you is that you will always feel at home at Delta Zeta!

-Shaina Varghese, Delta Zeta President

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