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Charity: Building Strong Girls and Girls on the Run

Philanthropy: Girls on the Run

Colors: Brown, Pink, and Mode

Flower: Pink Carnation

Symbol: Crescent Moon

Founded @ UF: 2015


Involvement 2024: In the past year, Gamma Phi Beta has exemplified greatness in our campus community. In inspiring the highest type of womanhood, we lift one another up to strive for leadership, service to the community, and to become stronger women in the process. Our values of learning and labor inspire sisters to leave their legacy on campus and beyond. Sisters of Gamma Phi are involved in Gator Growl, The Agency, Cicerones, Preview Staff, Florida Blue Key, Dance Marathon, and many more student organizations at UF that lead members to leave their mark on our campus. Within the Greek Council community, we are proud of our sisters holding positions on the Panhellenic Council, Junior Panhellenic, Sister Support Ambassadors, and of Order of Omega. Supporting our sisters as they show off their galleries, on stage, and on the field is what makes our sisterhood so special. In addition, Gamma Phi at UF supports the Gainesville community and beyond, supporting young girls through our partnership with Girls on the Run of North East by building their confidence and self-love.

#EmbraceTheLittleThings at Gamma Phi means that we are true and constant to each other every day. Being there for one another is what makes our sisterhood truly special. Whether it’s sharing a meal with a sister you haven't had the chance to see in a while, tanning with your roommate on our back porch, or looking up to find a crescent moon in the sky, our love and loyalty to each other can be found in even the smallest of places.

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