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Charity: Building Strong Girls and Girls on the Run

Philanthropy: Girls on the Run

Colors: Brown, Pink, and Mode

Flower: Pink Carnation

Symbol: Crescent Moon

Founded @ UF: 2015


Involvement 2023: Gamma Phi Beta strives to inspire the highest type of womanhood within our chapter, and our dedication and participation is seen on campus and in the Gainesville community through the involvement of our sisters. From representing the University of Florida through Florida Cicerones and Campus Diplomats to guiding the student body through Student Government, our sisters continue to lead by example. We have sisters serving in positions in numerous organizations including Dance Marathon, Student Government Cabinet & Senate, March of Dimes, Florida Cicerones, Florida Blue Key, Green Greeks, Order of Omega, Gator Growl, Sister Support Ambassadors, The Big Event, Student Admissions Officers,and Campus Diplomats to name a few. Gamma Phi Beta is a diverse group of strong women who uphold the highest type of womanhood by embracing their authentic selves. As members, each sister is encouraged to leave her legacy on the University of Florida campus, serve the community, and better themselves in the process. Through dedication and inspiration, at Gamma Phi Beta, our sisters are able to create positive and long lasting impacts at the University of Florida.

#FindYourForever… at Gamma Phi Beta means bonds that last a lifetime and having a home within a group of women who show you their steadfast compassion and loyalty every day. Finding a place you feel proud to call home with the people who inspire you to become the best version of yourself. The unconditional love shown allows our sisters to find their supportive, lifelong friends as they continue to grow in their college journey. 

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