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Philanthropy: Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation and Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Colors: Black & Gold

Flower: Black and Gold Pansy

symbol: Kite

Founded at uF: 1962

Website: https://florida.kappaalphatheta.org/

involvement: Kappa Alpha Thetas are involved across campus in organizations such as Florida Blue Key, Florida Cicerones, Dance Marathon, Student Government, Dream Team, Strike Magazine, Gator Growl and many more.

#Thisishome because here, we can unapologetically be ourselves. We strive to lift each other up and encourage each other to live out our dreams. Kappa Alpha Theta is our forever home, no matter where we may end up in the world.



Becoming a member of Kappa Alpha Theta is more than just a set of letters that we all share or an organization to include in our resume. It’s about a bond that will last you throughout the years, about a group of women extremely dedicated and supportive, and a place we can all call home. We find ourselves through the differences in each other and work together to become our better selves.


Joining a sorority can feel like a huge and intimidating step. You’re instantly surrounded by strong, independent, and beautiful women and you’re just attempting to find yourself… and that’s perfectly fine. What’s important to remember is that we all feel this way sometimes, and if you’re like myself, you continue to feel this way even 3 years into your college experience. But being able to surround yourself with such inclusive and empowering women makes you realize that it’s okay to be a little lost along the way because you’ll always make your way there.


The journey may have some battles and some difficulties, but these are the challenges that will make you grow as a person and lead you to where you have to be. My piece of advice for this journey is to truly hold on to your values. Don’t let anyone tell you that who you are is not important or not worthy, as we can sometimes feel a little small in such a huge University. But by being yourself, your true self, you will see that you will shine no matter where you end up.

-Mili Pilipiak, Kappa Alpha Theta President