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Charity: Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation &

             Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Philanthropy: KAT at Bat

Colors: Black & Gold

Flower: Black and Gold Pansy

Symbol: Kite

Founded @ UF: 1962



Involvement 2024: Our sorority embodies a commitment to campus engagement community service, with members contributing to various leadership roles and initiatives. From welcoming prospective students as Cicerones to assisting potential new members as Pi Chis. Our sisters are also deeply involved in journalism, as many of our members are involved in  Strike the magazine, JCA, and  WUFT News. We also have members that hold leadership positions in UF Student Government and Senate, Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate, and Dance Marathon. We also proudly cheer on our sisters on the  UF Women’s Basketball Team and UFPD. Our sisters also hold positions in the Florida Leadership Academy and SSA to further empower others to lead and serve effectively.

#EmbraceTheLittleThings Life’s greatest joys often hide in the smallest moments. Embracing the littlest activities with our sisters, like coffee runs and study dates, help us realize that we’re never really alone. Each laugh and experience shared with our sisterhood strengthens the bond between us. It’s in these moments, the little ones, that our sisterhood truly shines, making memories that last a lifetime.


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