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charity: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Philanthropy: Bonnamu benefitting CMNH

Colors: Rose & White

mascot: "Sir Fidel" Lion

Flower: Rose-Colored Carnation

symbol: Barbed Quatrefoil

Founded at uf: 1949


Involvement: This year, Phi Mu was able to execute our first charity concert Bonnamu, raising over $2,100 from three hours alone. We excelled at external philanthropy efforts, placing high in IFC-hosted events. We kept our inner morale high with socially-distanced sisterhood events, and impacted the UF community with sisters involved in Preview Staff, Gator Growl, Cicerones, Strike Magazine, Her Campus UFL, Florida Blue Key, Best Buddies, Dance Marathon, Project Makeover, and so much more.

#westicktogether because Phi Mu has been the glue that kept us all together this past year. No matter what obstacles our chapter and our world has faced, we have stood by each other and held our values close. We have set an example for our Panhellenic community through outer involvements and improved inner workings, and we are currently striving to make our house on the hill a place where all feel welcomed and included. We are “The Faithful Sisters,” through this year and beyond.

Hi there!


My name is Ellie Ireton and this year, I am honored to humbly serve as Phi Mu’s chapter president at the University of Florida. 


As cliche as it sounds, when I joined Phi Mu, I knew that I had found my home away from home. I found people who embraced me for who I really am, have loved and supported me in my darkest and brightest moments, and have helped me become the woman I am today. As I go into my final year at UF, I find that all my best memories involve Phi Mu and the women I met because of it. 


When I came to UF, I was a shy freshman who just wanted to feel accepted; going through recruitment, I felt the same thing. If you would have told me then that I would be the chapter president and would get to lead a chapter of over 250 women through some of the hardest and best times of my life, I wouldn’t have believed you. When I ran home in Fall 2018, I had no idea how much Phi Mu would change my life.  


As you go through the recruitment process, remember to not waver from yourself and your values. They are the most important and what bonds you to your sisters. Phi Mu’s values - love, honor and truth - have become integral parts of how I live my life. 


Go where you feel loved, welcomed and accepted for exactly who you are. Go to the chapter that makes a huge school like UF feel like a tight-knit family. Go to where people make you feel loved and comfortable yet they will push you out of your comfort zone. 


To the woman reading this - whether you know exactly what you want and who you are or you are just figuring it out, know you are welcomed in this community. You will find yourself.

Trust your gut, trust your intuition, and you will learn more about yourself than you thought possible. UF Panhellenic and Phi Mu have given me more than I could’ve asked for and I hope it does the same for you.


With love,

-ellie ireton, Phi Mu President