Fall Panhellenic Scholarships 

Applications for the Fall Panhellenic Scholarships are open from October 7 at noon and close on October 18 at 5 p.m. The maximum scholarship amount members can apply for is $1500. Applicants could win a maximum of one scholarship.


Freshman New Members will only be considered for the New-Member Scholarship. Second-year students and above will be considered for the remaining scholarships. 


All of the available Fall scholarships are outlined and linked below: 

Sisterhood Support Scholarship (Need-based): Five recipients receive $1000 each. 


Essay-Based Scholarship: Six recipients receive $500 each. 

Academic Excellence Scholarship (Academic-based): Five recipients receive $1000 each. 


New Member Scholarship: Two recipients receive $1000 each. 


Smokin’ Notes Scholarship: One recipient receives $1500. 



Study Edge Scholar of the Month

Each month of this semester, 2 members of the Panhellenic community will be chosen by the Scholarship Director for a FREE month of a Study Edge Gold Membership and $100 provided by Study Edge. 

Congratulations to the Study Edge October Scholars of the Month! 























Study Edge Partnership

UF Panhellenic Council is proud to partner with Study Edge, the highly popular and nationally recognized college education company.

Our members love using Study Edge because the Study Experts take complex topics and break them down in a way that is relatable, engaging, and easy to understand. The Study Edge platform provides our members with videos (on their phones and laptops), study guides, practice problems, and more, so they are fully prepared for their quizzes and exams.

Our members use Study Edge to prep for difficult courses such as accounting, biochemistry, calculus, economics, finance, general chemistry, physics, statistics, and more.

New Member Study Tools

Throughout the partnership, a free month of Study Edge is provided to all new UF Panhellenic chapter women.

Scholar of the Month

The Panhellenic Scholar of the Month is an academic excellence honor, awarded each month to a member of the UF Panhellenic community that has demonstrated academic excellence. The winner receives a free month of membership from Study Edge!

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