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Why Go Greek?

Going Greek means finding the friends you will call family. The community of individuals in this sector of the University of Florida are driven by the steadfast love and support found in chapter settings and across councils. Familiar faces and unwavering support become a forefront priority to the Greek community. These people will be your biggest advocates during your time as an undergraduate, and your paths will continue to be interwoven throughout the rest of your walk of life.



The women found in the Florida Panhellenic community collectively demonstrate the scholarship, service and leadership for which the council stands for. Being part of Panhellenic means you will be academically challenged and professionally guided towards a life full of opportunity and empowerment. You will serve the community for which you are part of, and you will be energized by the lasting philanthropic impact of the Panhellenic community.

Beyond the testaments of the Panhellenic pillars in each and every woman in this community, you will find an unparalleled haven of soft love and understanding. Our 18 chapters offer unique values that unite diverse women and encourage a strong sense of individuality. Panhellenic members recognize the importance of forming unconditional relationships, while also acknowledging the need to humbly seek personal growth. Joining the Panhellenic community will invite you to bound towards the open arms and strong shoulders for which you will lean on, learn from and love forever.

A Letter from Our Membership Vice President

Welcome, and I’m counting down the days until 2024 Primary Recruitment! The three years I have spent as a member and servant to this community have become some of the most treasured years of my life. Even though my Panhellenic journey began as a PNM in 2021 I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach as I sat in the O’Connell Center on Orientation Day wondering what letters I may be wearing by the end of the week. As I met Panhellenic Counselors, fellow PNMs and chapter women I realized quickly how supportive this community truly is. 


The women in this council consistently seek to uplift those around them and encourage us on the path to greatest success. The PNMs I stood behind in line during the fall of my freshmen year have gone on to lead our campus through all avenues offered at the University of Florida. The women you will meet on Panhellenic Drive will become your sisters, regardless of your chapter affiliation.


 In fact, many of the women on our executive board now were once PNMs I had met that very first semester of college. Whether it’s the Panhellenic President I waved to in Jennings Hall, the Communications Vice President I sat near at our first Freshman Leadership Council meeting, our Activities Vice President I served beside on Junior Panhellenic, or the Executive Vice President who I had just met over FaceTime when we decided to live together for freshman year. 


As you go throughout this process, remember the week of recruitment is just the beginning to your story here in the Panhellenic Council. Through it all lean on your Panhellenic Counselors, your friends, and the new friends you will meet around row. We are so excited to meet you this August. 

Go Gators and Go Greek, 


Char R 

Membership Vice President

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