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Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education and Awareness

Colors: Turquoise Blue & Steel Gray

Flower: White Violet

symbol: Five-Pointed Crown

Founded at uf: 1949

Website: http://ufl.zetataualpha.org/

involvement: With the part of our creed that reads "Be humble in success, and without bitterness in defeat" in mind, our sisters have paved their own unique paths, and have invested their time in organizations that they are undeniably passionate about. Ranging from Executive Members of Florida Blue Key, Florida Cicerones, Dance Marathon Captains, to leaders in their own respective colleges, and founders of their own organizations, we are so incredibly proud of our empowered women. 

#thisishome because “home” is much more than a place, it is a feeling. When we are together: we are stronger, we are humbled, we are loved unconditionally; however, most importantly, we are home. This home is where we encourage each other to steadfastly follow our passions, stay true to our most authentic selves, live life to its absolute fullest, laugh.. A LOT, and strive further than we ever thought we could go. 



Dear Potential New Members for Recruitment 2019,


You are in for the most exciting and long week of your life. I completely understand how intimidating the process may seem, but finding your home is well worth the journey. I truthfully had no idea the impact joining a sorority would have on my life. You end up finding so much more than you knew you were looking for. In Zeta Tau Alpha, we have a motto of pushing each other to be “the best versions of ourselves”. From the very beginning this has been nothing but the truth.


As a chapter, we value the qualities of love, loyalty, humility and commitment, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals fosters an environment of exponential growth. You are surrounded by people that want nothing but the best for you and empower you to accomplish things you never knew possible. If you asked me three years ago if I would become the president of a sorority, I more than likely would have laughed. The person I am today has been greatly influenced from being a member of the Panhellenic Community.


Joining Zeta Tau Alpha was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am so excited for you. I would not trade the experiences I’ve had or the friendships I’ve made for anything in the world.


With all my love and excitement,

-Carlyle Carr, Zeta Tau Alpha President