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Charity: Breast Cancer Education and Awareness

Philanthropy: Paint Me Pink 5k & Linedance

Colors: Turquoise Blue & Steel Gray

Flower: White Violet

Symbol: Five-Pointed Crown

Founded @ UF: 1949


Involvement 2023: With part of our creed that reads, “be humble in success, and without bitterness in defeat” in mind, our sisters have paved their own unique paths, investing their time in organizations they are undeniably passionate about. Ranging from leaders in organizations like Florida Blue Key, Florida Cicerones, Homecoming and Gator Growl, Strike Magazine, Student Government, the Agency, and the Miss UF Pageant, to leaders in their own respective colleges to founders of their own organizations, we are incredibly proud of our empowered leaders. Our sisters take these passions beyond campus, becoming trailblazers in their respective fields with the values and drive they’ve developed during their years as Zetas. 


#FindYourForever… whether it’s in the Plaza of the Americas, at the Marston Science Library, or at the Zastle, you can always find one of 283 Zeta sisters to lean on through the ups and the downs. The women of 1142 are bold and empowering, helping you grow and reach your fullest potential during your four years at UF. While we value each others’ similarities, we also celebrate individuality at the same time, calling Zeta Tau Alpha our home away from home that fosters an environment of love, the greatest of all things.

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