charity: Breast Cancer Education and Awareness

Philanthropy: Paint Me Pink 5k, Linedance

Colors: Turquoise Blue & Steel Gray

Flower: White Violet

symbol: Five-Pointed Crown

Founded at uf: 1949

Website: http://ufl.zetataualpha.org/

involvement: With the part of our creed that reads "Be humble in success, and without bitterness in defeat" in mind, our sisters have paved their own unique paths, and have invested their time in organizations that they are undeniably passionate about. Ranging from Executive Members of Florida Blue Key, Florida Cicerones, Dance Marathon Captains, to leaders in their own respective colleges, and founders of their own organizations, we are so incredibly proud of our empowered women. 

#LEANONME because this is family. When we are together: we are stronger, we are humbled, we are loved unconditionally, and we are home. This sisterhood is where we encourage each other to steadfastly follow our passions, stay true to our most authentic selves, laugh… A LOT, and most importantly, always have a shoulder to lean on.


As three years have come and gone, seemingly in the blink of an eye, it is truly difficult to put into words the impact that Zeta Tau Alpha has had on me in that time. But I suppose that’s the case for all things that move us to our core, right? It can be difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that one decision can lead you to 263 of the most hardworking, fun-loving, and radiant women that you have ever met. And that someway, somehow, those same women will become your newfound “home.” Although I admit it took me a while to understand, I found that this sense of being “home” doesn’t come from our house at 1142, or even from the larger defining moments we experienced as ZTA’s. Rather, it is the culmination of hundreds of small seemingly “unspecial” moments that add up to change the course of our college careers, as well as our lives. 


As for the women that make up this home of mine, what I admire most about them is that despite how vastly they range from one another, each and every one of them embodies the part of our creed that reads: “To find satisfaction in being, rather than seeming.” By embracing themselves and each other for all that they are, imperfections and all, they have fostered an environment of both comfort AND growth. It is truly a special feeling when the hands that are there to hold you when you stumble are the same hands that push you to heights you that you never believed you could reach. To say that I have experienced this same profound comfort and empowerment during my time as a Zeta Tau Alpha, would be an understatement. I joined this chapter not knowing a single member, only knowing that “it felt right.” Today, I proudly serve Gamma Iota as its current President while I pursue a combined Master’s degree in International Business and prepare to intern for L’Oréal this summer. I wholeheartedly accredit this to these women, who have poured their support, love, and trust into me from the very start. 


To my girls- you are my heart. To potential new members experiencing Panhellenic Recruitment- hold on to what “feels right” and I assure you that you too, will look back on your time at UF and think to yourself “how did I get so lucky?” 

-Emily patton, Zeta Tau Alpha President

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