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2023 PNM Video Guidelines

The instructions below will provide information regarding PNM Videos in the following areas: 

  1. Content 

  2. Submission Guidelines 

  3. Filming Instructions 

  4. How to Upload 


Please read all of the instructions below before recording and submitting your video. The link to submit the video can be found at the end of this document. Please remember that all videos must be submitted by August 7 at 11:59 P.M. 




Due to the virtual nature of Round 1 of Primary Recruitment 2023, all PNMs are required to submit a 90-second video to introduce themselves to our 18 chapters. 


Please begin the video by stating:

  • Full name

  • Hometown (city and state)

  • Grade (based on years of college attended, not by credits)

  • Major


Then, please select 1 question from each category to respond to (3 questions total):

Category 1:

  • What are you looking to gain from joining a sorority?

  • What accomplishment or involvement experience of yours are you most proud of?

  • What impact would you want to make on your sorority?

  • What values do you look for in friendship? 

  • How can you incorporate your personal values into the sorority experience?


Category 2:

  • What's one thing you wish you had more time to do?

  • Tell us about something you’re passionate about, and how has that shaped you today?

  • What makes you happiest, and why?

  • Tell us something about yourself that someone might be surprised to learn.


Category 3:

  • Where do you see yourself at the end of your collegiate experience?

  • Is there a personal experience that has changed the way you view the world? 

  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

  • What three things would you share with your younger self? What questions would you want to ask an older version of yourself?

Our chapters are excited to get to know you better through these videos, so please remember to be yourself! The chapters have already received your application and resume, so please feel free to share more about your character in this video. We recommend that you wear something that is appropriate and that you feel comfortable in! A nicer shirt or dress similar to what you’d wear for Round 2 is perfect. 

2. Submission Guidelines 

  1. Videos must be no longer than 90 seconds (one and a half minutes)

  2. Backgrounds should be neutral (see below for more specific instructions) 

  3. Videos should only feature the PNM (no other people, pets, props, etc. may be present) 

  4. PNMs may not produce or edit the video themselves or hiring a third party (see end of instructions for sample videos) 

  5. All videos must be submitted by August 7 at 11:59 P.M. 

3. Filming Instructions 

  1.  Orientation: 

Orient your recording device horizontally (see picture below) to ensure that your video is properly displayed on a viewer’s screen. 



Screen Shot 2023-04-23 at 8.07.02 PM.png

    2. Stabilization: 

Be sure that your video is steady as you film - avoid shaking or moving the camera while recording. The following are three recommendations to ensure that your video remains steady:

  • Have a family member or friend record the video for you 

  • Use a stack of books or other stable items to prop up your device while you record 

  • Record on a computer so it is self-stabilizing


   3. Framing: 

Be sure to frame the camera so that there is a full view of your face as you are speaking. Don’t cut off your head in the frame or place the camera too close, and make sure that the camera is in focus for the duration of the video. 

   4. Background: 

Pay attention to the background of your video. A simple background with minimal distractions is ideal. You may not use a virtual background or green screen to record your video. Your background does not need to be a single color, but avoid: 

  • A cluttered/messy background (clothes on the floor, junk piled up, etc.) 

  • A background that is too bright (see lighting)


   5. Lighting: 

Try your best to keep all lighting in front of your face. Lamps and natural lighting work best.

  • Avoid bright windows or lights behind you

  • Avoid the sole/excess use of overhead lighting; instead rely on natural lighting or a lamp in front of you for the best results

  • Test the lighting before recording to make sure that there aren’t shadows covering your face


   6. Audio Quality: 

For the best quality audio, be sure to record in a quiet setting and sit/stand about four feet from your recording device. 

  • Try to keep your face pointed toward the camera for the entire 90 seconds, as turning away can lower the volume of the recording. 

  • Turn off any excess noise (TV, radio, fan, etc.) when recording, as this sound can be audible in the background and may distort your voice. 

  • Please refrain from recording the video outside, as wind/animals/external noises may distort the audio quality. 

4. How to Upload 

Your video will be sent to the Panhellenic Council as a link to a video on a streaming platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Once your video has been recorded and you are ready to upload, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Save your file to your phone or computer. 

  2. Upload your video to a streaming platform. Below are the instructions to upload your video to YouTube on your computer: 

    • Go to and log in with a Google Account 

    • Click the “Create” button on the top taskbar next to the search bar

    • From the dropdown menu, select “Upload Video”

    • A window will pop up when the page loads (picture below). Drag and drop your video into the window or browse for it on your computer to upload it to YouTube. 

    • A new window will appear to provide details and settings for your video. 

    • Title your video your first and last name and your Council PNM ID #. Ex. Jane Doe, Council PNM ID 198 would title her video “Jane Doe PNM ID #198." Council PNM ID#’s can be found by logging in to your Campus Director account. Your ID# will appear on the home page in the top left corner of the screen (pictured below). 

    • Do not add a description to your video. 

    • You may select a thumbnail picture from those available. Do not upload a new thumbnail. 

    • Under Audience, select “No, it’s not made for kids” 

    • Click the blue “Next” button in the bottom right corner of the window. (Skip the page on Video elements) 

    • Under Visibility, select “Save or Publish” AND “Unlisted"

    • Click the blue “Save” button in the bottom right corner of the window.

    • Once the video has uploaded, click out of the window and hover over the video to see the “Options” button (three dots icon)

    •  Click the “Options” button and select “get shareable link” (this will automatically copy the link to your clipboard - this is the link you should submit to the submission form). 

  3.  Once you have the link to your video, go to the PNM Video Submission Form. The Upload Link will look like the picture below. You will need to submit your video link and UF email address as well as select your preference for participating in Recruitment 2023, this Fall. 

  4. Uploads are final.

    • ​ Once you submit the form, you should receive a confirmation as pictured below.

    • If your video does not meet the guidelines listed above, you will be contacted and asked to submit a new video.

    • Unless you are contacted directly by the Panhellenic Council regarding your video or form submission, you will not be able to resubmit the form after your initial submission. 

*For any questions/concerns regarding PNM video uploads, please email

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