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My Why Alpha Delta Pi: A Sister's Recruitment Experience

“Register for recruitment and find your home.” Moving away from home to start college at a major university is daunting. Where do you go to meet people like yourself? Where do you go to plug into leadership and service opportunities to supplement your academic endeavors? I spent two days during recruitment visiting beautiful houses with wonderful ladies, but for me, when the doors of Alpha Delta Pi opened, I walked in and immediately felt right at home. The three values I was asked to pick out to put on my nametag at the time seemed insignificant, but I realized as recruitment progressed, my values needed to align with the sorority that ultimately gave me a bid, and eventually initiated me into the sisterhood. My values, faith, friendship, and authenticity could not be more apparent at Alpha Delta Pi. I knew I wanted authentic friendships, not just Instagram posts. Truly, my sisters will be with me for life, through thick and thin just as they are now. Not only do I feel like I belong at Alpha Delta Pi, I am so proud to represent them and wear their letters around campus. As Leadership Engagement specialist for Alpha Delta Pi, my job is to help my sisters find ways to make a positive difference outside of our chapter, whether on campus or through a philanthropic endeavor. Getting involved throughout UF is so important to your overall college experience, and having a sorority that you love as your home base gives you a firm foundation that you can continue to run home to every day!

With Love,

Lilly Gunby


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