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Our Values: Community

Hear from a few of our community members on why this value important to them and how being a part of the Panhellenic community helped them further this value or feel connected to it!

"Community has played a significant role in my life and has always offered a sense of belonging, support, and shared identity. Community is important to me because it has allowed me to connect with likeminded people who share similar values. The Panhellenic community is vibrant and has brought me lifelong friendships. It is full of girls who have encouraged and supported me to try new things and pursue my interests. I truly don’t know what I would do without them!" - Lauren Donohue, Alpha Omicron Pi

"Community is important to me because it provides a support system. It gives us opportunities to connect with people that inspire us to reach for our goals. Being apart of the Panhellenic community has provided me with forever friends from various chapters who show me endless encouragement and love." - Maya Idiculla, Delta Gamma

"Joining Pi Beta Phi has given me a bigger community of best friends and supporters than I could have ever imagined. These woman are constantly pouring their love and encouragement into every endeavor I take on. Having a group of strong women to lean on and help me navigate through all the obstacles and milestones throughout my time in college, and beyond, is something I’ll forever be grateful for.” - Jordyn Dendy, Pi Beta Phi

"The value of community is important to me because we, as humans, were designed to be in community with others. Relationships with others are one of the most incredible gifts we are given, and I have gained some of the greatest ones in my time in KD. Being a part of the Panhellenic community has served the sole purpose of furthering my connection to this value. Being surrounded by friends from all chapters makes the community that I have around me so incredibly special. Although we all come from different backgrounds and belief systems, togetherness is what keeps our relationships thriving, and for this, I am forever thankful." - Alyssa Ali, Kappa Delta


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