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recruitment executive board
Brooke m.

Membership Vice President



  • Teaches the first-year Pi Chi class and the second-year Pi Chi seminar

  • Coordinates Panhellenic Recruitment and chairs the Recruitment Executive Board

Brooke M
Addy W.jpg
Addy w.

Head Pi Chi



  • Teaches the first-year Pi Chi class and the second-year Pi Chi seminar

  • Organizes spirit week before recruitment

  • Serves as a resource for all Pi Chis during recruitment

Sonia D.

Chapter Relations Pi Chi



  • Orders and organizes all materials for each chapter's recruitment location, including tents, chairs, fans, etc.

  • Orders Pi Chi nametags and buttons

Sonia D
Toni J_edited.jpg
Toni j.

Operations Pi Chi



  • Creates and implements an efficient transportation schedule for use during all rounds of Formal Recruitment

  • Obtains all necessary city, transportation, parking permits and organizes UFPD officers

emily g.

Publications Pi Chi



  • Designs and organizes all merchandise and sponsorships surrounding recruitment

  • Creates the Key to the Greeks, a resource for PNMs to better understand the Greek community

Emily G
Abbey D.jpg
abbey d.

PNM Relations Pi Chi



  • Responsible for the health and wellbeing of PNMs during Formal Recruitment

  • Assesses situations regarding physical and mental health of PNMs and decides which actions need to be taken

maggie r.

Computer Pi Chi



  • Responsible for all of the behind-the-scenes operations of recruitment, including PNM registration, referencing, withdrawals, and excuses

  • Works closely with each chapter's recruitment chair to ensure each chapter has a smooth and successful recruitment process

Maggie R
Em S
em s.

Assistant Computer Pi Chi



  • Processes all PNM excuses, including those of student athletes and Gator Spirit team members

  • Aids the Computer Pi Chi in facilitating PNM preferencing and withdrawals during recruitment

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