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Panhellenic Counselors

Joining the Panhellenic Community is an exciting journey, and our team of Panhellenic Counselors, also known as Pi Chis, is here to make your recruitment experience as smooth as possible. These women were carefully selected and are dedicated to your success during the recruitment process! With their support, you'll navigate groups of around 80 Potential New Members, led by four to five Pi Chis. They've spent the past semester preparing to ensure you feel welcomed and supported every step of the way. Beyond their role as guides, Pi Chis are your friends and invaluable resources. Whether you have questions or concerns, they're here to listen and help. We encourage you to connect with them, as each one brings unique insights and experiences to enrich your recruitment journey. As you embark on this adventure, know that you're not alone. The Panhellenic Community eagerly awaits your arrival, and we wish you the best of luck during your recruitment journey. Welcome from the UF Pi Chis!

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