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inspire ambition.

Philanthropy: Arthritis Foundation

Colors: Cardinal

mascot: Panda Bear

Flower: Jacqueminot Rose

symbol: Sheaf of Wheat


Website: https://ufl.alphaomicronpi.org/

involvement: From striving in organizations like Florida Cicerones to taking on leadership positions in Student Government, our members are constantly finding new ways to get involved on campus as well as better themselves and their community.

#thisishome because there is no other place where you can undoubtedly and unapologetically be yourself. The people that surround you will be with you through your best and worst times, and the support you receive will be unmatched. You can always find a home in the house with the red doors. 



Being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, as well as a Panhellenic woman, has allowed me to grow into the strong, confident woman that I am today. As much fun as I had throughout every chapter within recruitment, Alpha Omicron Pi was truly the place I could feel like me. I hope that every woman is offered the opportunity to run home to the house that makes them feel the most- trust me, you’ll know it when it happens. As I’ve grown over the past 3 years, I look back and I know I’m still the same girl I was when I first stepped through Alpha Omicron Pi's red front doors. Life is really just made up of a bunch of small moments- I’m lucky to say that Alpha Omicron Pi was one of mine. Go Panhellenic & as always, Go Gators!

-Nicole De Brigard, Alpha Omicron Pi President