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inspire ambition.

Charity: Arthritis Foundation

Philanthropy: Strike Out Arthritis

Colors: Cardinal

mascot: Panda Bear

Flower: Jacqueminot Rose

symbol: Sheaf of Wheat



involvement: From having our members in Strike Magazine, Florida Blue Key, Dance Marathon, Student Government, Florida Cicerones, and more, we are always finding a way to leave our mark on campus.

#westicktogether because through the good and the bad, we are family. We all ran home to the big red doors on sorority row, and from that moment on we have been each other’s biggest supporters. Home is more than just a place, but the people who surround you.


There are some people in life that make you truly question how you ever did life without them. For me, a great majority of those people I have found inside of those red doors adorning my beloved Alpha Omicron Pi. I have treasured every minute of being a member of AOII as well as a panhellenic woman and it has given me the opportunity to flourish both in my personal and social life, and in my professional life as well. This chapter has given me more than I could ever dream that I could give back to it and I wish that for every extraordinary pnm going through recruitment as well. The women not only in my chapter but in the panhellenic community are the strongest, brightest, most encouraging young women on campus and I am so blessed to be able to know them and call some of them my sisters. AOII has not only given me my “why” but is my “why”. There is nothing better than running home to a place that is truly home, a place that is warm, inviting, empowering and more and I can't wait for you all to find your “why” as well.


Go Gators!

-molly kennedy, Alpha Omicron Pi President