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Charity: Arthritis Foundation

Philanthropy: Strike Out Arthritis

Colors: Cardinal

Mascot: Panda Bear

Flower: Jacqueminot Rose

Symbol: Sheaf of Wheat

Founded @ UF: 1948


Involvement 2024: The members of Alpha Omicron Pi live up to their motto of "inspire ambition" both on and off campus. They organize successful annual philanthropy events to raise funds for the National Arthritis and Cystic Fibrosis Foundations. These events include Strike Out Arthritis, a life-sized bowling competition, and AOIIHOP, an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. Their dedication to making a difference extends beyond philanthropy, shown by their active involvement and leadership positions in numerous organizations such as Student Government, Florida Cicerones, Strike Magazine, Dance Marathon, Florida Leadership Academy, Dream Team, Leadership Development Program, Danza, and much more. Additionally, their past AOII president, Olivia Green, was elected as the Student Body President this past spring. The ladies of AOII are also known for being dedicated to their internship and work positions around the world. This summer, some of their sisters are interning at J.P. Morgan, Proctor and Gamble, TikTok, and Bloomberg, among others. Alpha Omicron Pi is proud to be a community of driven and passionate women who strive to make a positive impact both on campus and beyond.

#EmbraceTheLittleThings is a perfect hashtag to describe the sisterhood within Alpha Omicron Pi. From movie nights in the TV room to fun-filled sisterhood events and philanthropy projects, every moment becomes a cherished memory. Alpha Omicron Pi is a supportive community that fosters personal and academic growth, helping its members to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. AOII creates friendships that last long after our four years at UF.  

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